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Ameya Dalvi

24 Jul 2022


LG Tone Free FP9 review: Impressive sound, truly unique features

We have reviewed a wide variety of wireless audio products from their inception. From wireless headphones, we moved to smaller, lighter neckbands and then to true wireless (TWS) earbuds. We have witnessed the sound quality of TWS buds improve drastically year after year, and the same is true for their battery life. Then came configurable touch controls and active noise cancellation (ANC) on those tiny buds, and the evolution continued.

11 Jul 2022


Realme Buds Q2s review: Cool looks, decent sound, hard sell

Realme has spoilt us by offering features like active noise cancellation (ANC) within a budget of Rs. 2,500. Their true wireless (TWS) earphones like the Buds Q2 and Buds Air 2 have changed the game in the segment by not just offering high-end features but also very good sound quality. They have raised the bar and our expectations so high that a standard pair of TWS buds seems inadequate unless priced much lower.

05 Jul 2022


PTron Tangent Urban wireless neckband review: Solid battery, bass-heavy sound

A few years ago, I reviewed the PTron Zap wireless neckband from a brand I hadn't heard about till then. It turned out to be quite an impressive product for its asking price close to Rs. 1,500 with lively sound quality, punchy bass and nearly 24 hours of battery backup, which was a big deal back then. Cut to the present, and the company has launched a new wireless neckband that's probably the most inexpensive among those I have got my hands on.

04 Jul 2022


Kindle Paperwhite (11th-generation) review: Should you buy it?

Kindle needs no introduction. Amazon's ebook reader has been around for close to 15 years now. Yes, it's been that long since the company launched the first iteration of the device. What we have today is the 11th-generation of the same. The Kindle Paperwhite, which is arguably the most preferred variant, isn't that old but is in its 10th year of existence.

26 Jun 2022


Philips TAT2206BK TWS earphones review: Good vocal clarity, low bass

Brands like Realme and Boat have been extremely popular in the budget wireless earphones segment over the past couple of years. Then you have brands like OnePlus, Soundcore and OPPO occasionally challenging their dominance with the odd product here and there. Interestingly, we also came across a recently launched pair of TWS earphones from Philips selling under Rs. 2,500.

23 Jun 2022


Sony Bravia KD-32W830K smart TV review: Impressive performance, big premium

The concept of a premium 32-inch TV seems long lost. Though it is the most popular size of TVs in India in terms of units sold, there are two main reasons for buying one. Firstly, if you are on a tight budget, and secondly, if you need one for a smaller room. Barring a very few Full-HD models available here, most TVs this size are HD-ready, and there is very little scope for brands to display their magic at such a low resolution.

15 Jun 2022


Realme Pad Mini review: A well-rounded tablet for basic usage

Earlier this year, we reviewed the Realme Pad, the company's first Android tablet, and we liked what it had to offer for a reasonable price. The company is now looking to make things more affordable in the segment courtesy of its second offering that we have for review today, the Realme Pad Mini. It is a given that some sacrifices need to be made in order to keep the cost down, and one can only hope that the company hasn't cut too many corners in doing so.

02 Jun 2022


OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G review: OnePlus goes generic

OnePlus has been taking some questionable decisions this year with respect to their phone business and the Nord CE 2 Lite 5G is one of them. The Nord and Nord 2 were good additions to the company's mid-range portfolio and offered a nice mix of features and performance under Rs. 30,000. The Nord phones with the CE suffix cut a corner or two too many in keeping the price below Rs. 25,000. They flirted with a line OnePlus shouldn't have crossed ideally.

30 May 2022


OnePlus Nord Buds review: Basic TWS earbuds with customizable sound

When OnePlus launched the first Nord phone, it seemed like the company wanted to have a player in the more affordable segment of smartphones. In less than two years since, we have almost half a dozen Nord devices in India, and now the company is looking to include an audio device too under the Nord umbrella. When it was announced, we believed the company was looking to bring in a feature packed device at a more attractive price point. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

23 May 2022


Realme Buds Air 3 review: Good sound and best-in-segment ANC

OnePlus Buds Z seemed like a pair of true wireless (TWS) earphones that would be hard to beat around Rs. 3,000 at launch. But Realme had other ideas soon after. They launched their Buds Air 2, and packed it with features like active noise cancellation (ANC) and a fairly balanced sound output at a similar price point. Add to that multiple sound profiles and customisable controls through the Realme Link app, and the title changed hands quite easily.

16 May 2022


Realme GT 2 Pro review: Easy recommendation under Rs. 50,000

Realme has been a strong player in entry-level and mid-range categories of smartphones offering great value for money. Its handsets in the upper mid-range segment have also met with a fair degree of success. Realme now aims to go all out and target the likes of OnePlus, Xiaomi, and the rest in the flagship zone by launching what the company considers its most premium smartphone ever, the GT 2 Pro.

09 May 2022


Philips TAA4216BK wireless sports headphones review: A sturdy fitness companion

True wireless (TWS) earbuds have been attempting to sweep the audio wearables market over the past year or so. But you still have users who prefer good old on-the-ear headphones, and some don't mind putting those on even when working out or during a jog. If you are one of them, Philips has just the product that you may want to look at closely.

18 Apr 2022


Realme 4K Google TV Stick review: Makes older TVs smarter

Smart TVs have truly evolved only over the past couple of years, thanks to platforms like Android TV 9 (or newer) or Amazon's Fire OS. Tizen and WebOS aren't too bad either, but are limited to Samsung and LG models respectively. If you already have a smart TV running either of those platforms, this product is not for you. However, if you bought one prior to that, chances are it is either non-smart or based on an older platform like AOSP or Linux.

07 Mar 2022


OnePlus Buds Z2 review: A strong contender under Rs. 5,000

The OnePlus Buds Z has been an easy recommendation under Rs. 3,000 since its launch purely on the basis of sound quality. But the competition, especially from brands like Realme, has looked to pack their offering with features like active noise cancellation (ANC) at a similar price point. OnePlus did launch its flagship product, the Buds Pro, with a lot of modern features not too long ago but it operates in a very different price bracket.

01 Mar 2022


Sony SRS-NB10 wireless neckband speaker review: Start of something new?

What is a wireless neckband speaker, you ask? I pretty much had the same question on my mind when the product was mentioned on a call for the first time, and then a few more. Is it a wireless neckband or a wireless speaker? Can it replace regular earphones or headphones? How well does it sound? Hope it's not some kind of a boombox that I need to wear around my neck!

24 Feb 2022


OPPO Enco M32 review: One step forward, two steps back

Back in 2020, OPPO launched the Enco M31 wireless neckband that shook the audio community in a good way. Deviating from the typical bass boosted formula, the company opted for a more balanced sound profile. Never did a wireless earphone priced close to Rs. 2,000 sound that good and detailed; that probably holds true even now. While its sound output pleased the purists, the bass aficionados weren't ignored either.