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Three youths, including two minors, gang-raped a 14-year-old girl in Bengaluru's north division.

The victim's neighbour, the main accused would often take her out to eat 'chaat'.

One day, he took her out to watch a movie, and then to a broken-down building where he raped her. He then called 2 of his friends, who also raped her.

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On 24th May, conducting a raid based on a tip-off, the City Crime Branch of Bengaluru Police arrested 4 Pakistani nationals.

They were purportedly staying in Bengaluru for 2 months and had fake Aadhaar cards.

Police Commissioner Praveen Sood in his statement said the police remains unaware as to why the 4 of them were in India.

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25 students from Bengaluru's premier colleges will gather to build their idea of a pod, a vehicle meeting the high-speed norms of Hyperloop, a futuristic transport system.

Hyperloop India is the only Indian team to have reached the final design stage of the Pod Design Competition to be held in August at California by the company SpaceX.

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