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Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp doesn't make any money as of now.

In May, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said monetization of WhatsApp wasn't imminent; but it looks like things have changed now.

The monetization efforts seem to have become serious as WhatsApp is now looking for professionals, including product manager, product marketing manager, and business communications position, to help it monetize the app.

The rich gets richer, the poor just survives. Recent declarations showed that top executives in the biggest listed blue-chip firms get up to 1,200-times more than what is paid to their average employees.

The pay gap is a stark reminder that although India may be progressing at a break neck speed, in some places things have remained at a stand-still.

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The government runs around 24,000 ambulances under its National Ambulance Service and there is a bevy of private ambulances across India.

However, when it comes to finding one in need, most of the citizens are left high and dry. Even private hospitals don't have more than one or two ambulances at their disposal.

Fortunately, things are getting better, thanks to some start-ups.

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