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Flipkart is planning to replace its CEO for one day, to give an employee the opportunity to see how it feels to run the company. It is a part of the company's 10th anniversary celebration.

Sources said the move sought to familiarize employees with challenges at different levels of management.

Several other employee engagement initiatives are also to be launched.

After a US official accused Infosys and TCS of unfairly obtaining majority of the H-1B visas, NASSCOM stated that the two companies had received only 8.8% of the total number of visas issued in FY2015.

The top 20 recipients of H-1B visas included only six Indian IT companies, NASSCOM added.

However, Indian nationals got 71% of the visas, "testifying their high skill levels".

Flipkart is offering massive discounts on Apple products as the Apple Days sale has begun.

The company is offering huge discounts on all Apple products. There is also a flat Rs. 20,000 discount on the 256 GB variant of the iPhone 7. There are heavier discounts on other Apple products.

They are also offering discounts on payments through specific bank credit cards.