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On 27th May, an e-rickshaw driver named Ravinder was beaten to death for raising objections about some people urinating in public.

The e-rickshaw driver was waiting at GTB Metro station at approximately 6:15 pm, when 2-3 youths started urinating near Gate No. 4; Ravinder objected to the same.

Later around 8 pm, a large group of youths allegedly beat Ravinder to death in public.

In modern world, one is never lost; thanks to Global Positioning System (GPS), which lets you track location with the help of internet connectivity.

While previously, one needed to be dependent on GPS that is an American initiative, India is all set to unveil its own 'desi' version of GPS titled 'NavlC' now for the country and some surrounding areas.

Here's all about it.

The Union Ministry of Urban Development has proposed a set of reforms under the AMRUT scheme for augmenting urban infrastructure and facilities.

Among them is a measure which states that municipalities of 500 cities with over one lakh people will have to issue documents such as building permits, ration cards, birth and death certificates etc. within 24 hours of online application.