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Several flights were delayed by almost an hour yesterday and day before, as Mumbai airport officials are upgrading the Instrument Landing System (ILS), responsible for guiding flights.

The 12-hour upgradation will go on till June 5, so expect delays till then.

Yesterday, apart from this, strong winds also forced the main runway to remain closed for almost 2 hours.

Two flights had to be cancelled.

An astonishing data has come to the fore that has left both the health authorities and doctors startled.

There has been a whopping 330% rise in the number of AIDS deaths in the past three years in Mumbai, as noted by central health ministry's Health Management Information System.

In 2015-16, 27 HIV-positive people had died, which jumped to 116 in 2017-18, said the data.

A video has surfaced on social media that has left wildlife experts and environmentalists fuming.

The video shows a herd of deer feeding on garbage from a bunch of plastic bags, carelessly dumped near the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) office in Mumbai.

It also shows a stray dog circling around the gang of six to seven deer while they were eating.