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To teach the residents of Mumbai a lesson on maintaining traffic discipline, the Mumbai police recently tweeted out an interesting cat video. The video shows a cat crossing the road after the traffic light changes its color.

The interesting post on road-crossing rules has created quite a buzz amongst the netizens.

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A Pune based fashion designer has moved the Bombay High Court seeking the return of her 56 pet cats, that were allegedly taken away by vigilantes from her flat.

The woman, Sangeeta Kapur, in her petition said that her flat was vandalized during seizure of the cats. She also claimed that she and her family were being harassed by police and animal welfare organizations.

Mumbai's first air-conditioned local train made a historical maiden journey this morning from Borivali station to Churchgate station.

The AC local train will now be operated on an experimental basis from Borivali station to Churchgate station till 29th December with only 6 services per day, before being regularized in 2018.

Authorities are also giving discounted passes to attract more passengers.

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