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The Maharashtra government has postponed its plan to start charging residents for WiFi till April.

This postponement may be further extended till the government finishes activating all 1,200 WiFi hotspots in the city.

Mumbai has become the first city with free WiFi connectivity; out of the targeted 1,200 hotspots, 585 are already active.

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BEST's historic red buses are now revamped and include automatic, clutch-free transmission for drivers, a central air-circulation system, eight charging points and a wide gap between seats.

These latest installations expect to change the slow decline in the number of commuters choosing to commute by buses.

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A lunar-related project led by Saumil Vaidya (a former student of Swami Vivekananda International School, Borivali) was one of the winners of TeamIndus's Lab2Moon contest where global students designed and built experiments that could be flown to the moon.

The project, called Team EARS (Electrostatics Active Radiation Shield), aims to protect future human settlers from the moon's radiation.

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