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Gone are the days when we used to use emojis in chat messages just for fun and sometimes for the lack of words, these little symbols have now emerged as a proper communication tool.

A new app aims to use emoticons to help people, with neurological disorders, to communicate without having to read or write.

Not just a silly thing anymore, is it?

Let's be honest here, journalism is not what it used to be, with "fake news" spreading like wildfire, through sources which have nothing to do with journalism.

Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia aims to tackle the problem by creating a crowd-funded platform, Wikitribune that brings seasoned journalists/volunteers together to provide fact-based articles.

If you want a taste of "real" news, read on.

ISRO has announced that it will start accepting proposals regarding space-based experiments to study Venus, as it gears up to accomplish its first voyage to the planet.

"Space, the final frontier" as Star Trek says, has always fascinated humankind and ISRO has been making the nation proud for years.

Here's all about its next big adventure to Venus.