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Smartphones aren't a choice but a necessity today; mobile phones are becoming smarter, but most of them come with dumb batteries.

We often find ourselves "running" to find a charger as soon as the smartphone runs out of juice.

So, scientists have developed a device that requires people to "run" (or walk or just move!) to charge smartphones and other gadgets.

How? Find out!

If New Delhi wants to end fossil-fuel transport by 2030, it will have to cough up incentives. Previously Tesla CEO Musk had asked for incentives in electric-car imports until local output was viable.

Now Mercedes Benz for India is asking for the same. The German automaker said, if the government gives adequate support, electric vehicles would be here by 2020.

Here's all about it.

Messaging app Telegram is the latest to join several other messengers that have added the self-destructing message feature originated by Snapchat.

With its latest update, Telegram started offering disappearing photos and videos in private chats.

Users need to set a self-destruct timer for the media they share in one-on-one conversations; they will also be notified if the recipient tries to take a screenshot.