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Despite legal bans, Supreme Court interventions, and other measures against manual scavenging, the abominable practice continues in India.

Since January this year, over 126 manual scavengers lost their lives cleaning sewers and septic tanks.

However, a Kerala-based start-up called Genrobotics is now working with the Kerala government to put an end to this caste-based societal malaise through the use of robots.

With smartphone technology progressing at unprecedented rates, several smartphone manufacturers recently launched devices with 6GB of RAM with the aim of providing powerful, yet compact devices to their customers.

We have listed some of the best recently-launched phones with 6GB of RAM to make it easier for you to compare devices and make a choice.

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are undoubtedly the most eagerly-awaited upcoming smartphones of 2018.

Speculations about their features and also leaks about the"radical redesign," including the under-display fingerprint sensor, 3D facial recognition, and no-headphone-jack design, have been doing the rounds.

A fresh report now claims that Galaxy S9, S9+ would be shipped in April 2018, after being unveiled in February.

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