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Here is a wrap-up of the week gone by, in technology space!

The takeaway from the leaked Facebook's content-guidelines document are: Facebook will allow "evidence" on child-abuse so that the child can be rescued but will remove images of child abuse, if shared with sadism.

It will also allow videos of abortions.

It will allow portrayal of nudity, if done on a hand-crafted medium.

The problem at hand is "current storage technologies can no longer keep pace with exponentially growing amounts of data," therefore, the solution is "DNA data storage."

Last year, Microsoft said that it has successfully managed to write and recover data totaling to 200MB in synthetic DNA, now it's ready to have a fully functional DNA storage within next few years.

Here's all about it.

After decimating the top players in the world's most complicated and demanding strategy game, Go, Google's AlphaGo, the AI designed to compete in Go, is retiring from competitive matches.

The research team which created AlphaGo will now focus its energies on developing advanced general algorithms aimed at solving complex real life problems like finding cures to diseases, reducing energy consumption etc.