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On Wednesday, a car drove into pedestrians outside the British Parliament houses; a policeman was also stabbed by a possible IS-inspired terrorist.

5 people died, including the policeman and the assailant.

According to Prime Minister Theresa May, the location of the attack was "no accident."

She denounced the attack, calling it "sick and depraved."

After Pakistan announced a meet with Indian officials in April on the Indus Waters Treaty, sources in New Delhi said it is unlikely in the present bilateral environment. They also denied having received any intimation from the World Bank regarding a meet.

Sources also denied Pakistani media reports of India agreeing to halt the Miyar hydroelectric project in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Houses of Parliament and Palace of Westminster are on lockdown after shots were fired outside the Parliament.

A policeman has been injured as shots were fired within New Palace Yard's gates.

Reportedly, 2 people have been shot and 10 were injured.

Armed policemen are being deployed at the exit.

The House of Commons is suspended; members were asked to stay in the chamber.