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On 26 July, the newly-invented 'Global McDelivery Day', McDonald's is going to do something that nobody expected!

The fast-food giant wants to delight customers at home by delivering them items from the McDelivery Collection line.

The fun, fashion-forward items, including Big Mac onesies, hamburger pillowcases, and french fries-themed jogging suits, will be available with UberEATS deliveries in select cities.

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On the occasion of its third anniversary in India, Xiaomi is offering a limited number of Redmi phones at just Re. 1 in a flash sale.

There is also a separate bidding option: the lowest unique bid can win merchandise like the Mi PowerBank 2, Mi Headphones Comfort, VR Play and more.

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A fortnight after the reports first emerged, Air India has solved the mystery of its missing paintings: it has received a lost Jatin Das artwork by courier, sent from a fictitious-address.

It was last seen at an executive director's office. When questioned, she admitted she had taken the "gift" after retirement.

AI will write to former-bosses who might have "forgotten" to return such assets.