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A new kind of organizational structure, dubbed Decentralized Autonomous Organization, aims to revolutionize the way companies work.

DAO aims to do away with workplace hierarchy i.e. no place for CEO, CFO or VPs.

It steers away from "command and control" structure that we are so used to and that's what makes it interesting.

Let us look at how it works.

Photographs of the iPhone 8, leaked by tipster Benjamin Geskin show that the phone would have a glass back with vertical dual cameras.

The front is all glass with no visible fingerprint scanner. It is also reported that the phone may sport dual front cameras too.

The metallic edges will house the buttons, but the power button appears elongated.

In yet another sign of a severe cash-crunch, Snapdeal is vacating 60% of its Gurgaon office-space after mass layoffs in February.

Snapdeal had shifted to the 4.5-lakh-sqft campus two years ago, when it was growing aggressively.

Now, an email informed employees that "one tower in all compared to two each in two compounds" will remain.

Is this an end to a turbulent e-commerce story?