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#HealthBytes: Why should you eat bottle gourd


20 Oct 2020

#HealthBytes: Effective tips that can help you lose weight

Excessive weight can be caused by overeating, sedentary lifestyle, genetic reasons and many other factors.

19 Oct 2020

Try these DIY face packs for the dry winter skin

Harsh cold weather conditions of winter soak up the moisture from our skin and leave it dry and itchy.

18 Oct 2020

Vitamin D deficiency: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Known for enabling the absorption of calcium, thereby aiding in maintaining good bone and muscle health, vitamin D plays many roles to keep the body functional.

17 Oct 2020

Meet makeup artist Zoha Wani whose speciality is monochromatic makeup

The makeup industry is evolving with time, but there are certain trends that can never be changed.

18 Oct 2020

#HealthBytes: Four reasons why foot care is important

Our feet are one of the most important and hardworking parts of our body and taking care of them should be integral in our daily routine.

18 Oct 2020

Want to knock off 5kgs in a month? Try this

Before starting off, please remember that all of us are different, and our bodies react differently to weight loss efforts.

17 Oct 2020

#HealthBytes: Best home remedies for treating a sore throat

With the winter season fast approaching, the possibility of having a sore throat is increasing as well.

16 Oct 2020

Drinking water aids in weight loss: Here's how

The process of losing weight involves many steps. One of them is drinking adequate amount of water.

15 Oct 2020

#HealthBytes: Yoga asanas that can effectively relieve your back pain

Bad posture, sitting for long hours and injuries are possible reasons for a bad back pain.

14 Oct 2020

Don't like bitter gourd? You're missing out on these benefits

Bitter gourd, also called karela in Hindi, is a highly nutritious vegetable.

10 Oct 2020

Coronavirus: How to prevent skin problems caused by face mask

The ongoing pandemic has made wearing face masks a necessity while going out.

09 Oct 2020

#HealthBytes: The many benefits of onions

Onions are an important part of our food. Whether it is in the form of staple, or in curries, they are often on our plates, no matter what.

08 Oct 2020

How to choose the perfect cleanser for your skin type

Cleaning the face is the first step of every skin care routine, because it removes sweat, sebum, dirt, dead skin cells and other harmful elements from the skin's surface.

07 Oct 2020

#HealthBytes: These yummy breakfast items can also boost immunity

The need of boosting our immunity has increased in the recent times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

06 Oct 2020

Simon Ourian combines cosmetic Dermatology, art in a $3.5mn sculpture

Cosmetic dermatology and art are often seen as entirely separate fields, but there is more crossover than you might expect.

06 Oct 2020

#HealthBytes: Essential steps of daily night-time skincare routine

If a morning skincare routine is important for making your face look fresh and glorious, that same thing during night is needed for repairing your skin.

05 Oct 2020

#HealthBytes: Benefits of working on a standing desk

Sitting for long hours while working is something most of us can't avoid, even with the current work from home environment.

04 Oct 2020

Want to have veg breakfast in winters? These can help

All year long, a good breakfast is something that actually wakes us up, and energizes us for the rest of the day.

03 Oct 2020

'Hair' to stay: Stylish hair accessories that are back

A perfect look comes from trendy clothes, which are coordinated with correct accessories, especially for your hair.

02 Oct 2020

#HealthBytes: What can you do to fight dry skin

There are many factors that can make your skin rough and dry. This condition mostly happens because of the loss of skin moisture caused by various reasons such as weather, hot water, chemicals, etc.

02 Oct 2020

Want to host a virtual game night? Some ideas suggested

One of the consequences of the pandemic has been the loss of human connection.

01 Oct 2020

Chic accessories that can never go out of style

Fashion trends change often, which makes it difficult to invest in accessories.

01 Oct 2020

#HealthBytes: Suffering from an upset stomach? These tips can help

Upset stomach is a common ailment that happens to us from time to time, due to a variety of reasons.

29 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Do these yoga asanas for stronger knees

Knee-related problems are on a rise these days.

27 Sep 2020

Trying baking for the first time? These tips can help

Baking is an art, which can be perfected with practice.

26 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Here is why ghee is a noted superfood

From sweets to parathas, ghee is used in almost every recipe in India.

25 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Why are carbs important for you?

Carbohydrates or carbs are foods that get converted into glucose, or sugar, in our bodies during digestion.

24 Sep 2020

Here's why you should include Aliv seeds in your diet

Known as halim seeds or garden cress seeds, aliv seeds can be a worthy inclusion to your diet.

24 Sep 2020

How Dr. Simon Ourian remodeled the aesthetics industry

Whenever the discussion about celebrities who have undergone cosmetic enhancements comes up, the name of Dr. Simon Ourian is often mentioned.

24 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Why you should consider having an early dinner?

In many countries, the culture of having an early dinner is quite common.

23 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Oatmeal face/body packs you can make at home

Along with numerous health benefits, oats can also help you maintain your skin.

22 Sep 2020

Snacking habits that can hinder your weight loss process

When you work continuously toward weight loss, snacks become crucial for keeping you fueled up for the day, and till the next workout.

21 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: All the potential health benefits of Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink made by adding live bacteria and yeast, known as a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), to sweetened tea (green, black or both).

21 Sep 2020

Some remedies to try at home to remove scars

Scars can be caused by multiple reasons, ranging from surgery, skin infections to wounds.

20 Sep 2020

Some essential steps for an effective hair care routine

Just like our daily skin care routines, we need a regular routine to maintain our tresses as well.

20 Sep 2020

Five essential steps for your morning skincare routine

Skincare routines are tricky to create and stick to.

19 Sep 2020

Beginner's guide: Learn how to play a keyboard

Keyboard is one of the best instruments to start with if you have recently ventured into music.

18 Sep 2020

Essential oils that are good for enhancing your hair health

Extracted from plants via distillation or evaporation, essential oils are known for their therapeutic nature, and can help your hair to get stronger.

18 Sep 2020

Some exercises to make your mind sharp

Just as physical workouts help in building body muscles, a healthy lifestyle with regular targeted brain exercises can increase the strength of your mind.

18 Sep 2020

Reasons why short naps are important and beneficial

Naps can be beneficial. All you need is a quiet place to lie down, followed by setting an alarm for 20-30 minutes.

17 Sep 2020

Want soft hands? These home remedies can surely help

There are many reasons behind dry hands: Harsh weather conditions, jobs which require heavy usage of hands, lack of protection against sun are just some of them.

17 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Here's why you should be consuming jaggery regularly

Jaggery is often considered as a naturally healthy sweetener.

16 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Why is mustard oil beneficial for our health?

Indian cuisines are predominantly cooked in mustard oil.

16 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Reasons why cinnamon is considered an amazing spice

Known as dalchini in India, cinnamon is an essential flavor spice in our kitchens.

16 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: DIY natural hair masks for a healthy mane

Our hair is often exposed to toxins that can be pretty damaging to its overall condition.

15 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Follow these tips for losing weight in monsoon

The rainy season has finally graced our lives to provide respite from heat.

15 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Want to cut down sugar consumption? Follow these tips

Reducing sugar consumption can be beneficial in many ways.

14 Sep 2020

Tips to get shiny white teeth

Our teeth are covered with a smooth, naturally white enamel. When that wears out, it becomes translucent and reveals the lower layer called 'dentin,' which is yellow in color.

12 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Morning habits you should adopt for a healthy lifestyle

What we do in the morning has a major effect on how the rest of our day pans out.

11 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: What makes your breakfast healthy?

We have often heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

11 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Have bad breath? These tips can help

Bad breath is a rather common problem caused by a number of factors.

10 Sep 2020

Beauty tips: How to make chemical-free shampoo at home

Finding effective natural shampoos can be difficult and expensive.

10 Sep 2020

Types of salad you should definitely try

As a side dish, or a light and healthy snack, salads are always a great choice.

10 Sep 2020

Here's how you can prevent dengue

The global incidence of dengue, a mosquito-borne viral infection, has grown drastically in recent decades. This infection results in high fever, rash, muscle pain and joint pain.

09 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: What to eat before bed to get better sleep

Good sleep is essential for overall health, for which you need to get 7-9 hours of uninterrupted rest each night. However, many people struggle to get enough of it for various reasons.

09 Sep 2020

Night-time skincare routine: Natural remedies for a wrinkle-free skin

The natural aging process causes wrinkles, especially on the parts of our body that are exposed to the sun. Our face is specifically the worst victim here.

09 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: The numerous health benefits of kalonji or kala jeera

Kalonji seeds, harvested from the fruits of the Nigella sativa plant, are also called black onion seeds or black caraway seeds in some parts of the world.

08 Sep 2020

Meet Dr. Simon Ourian, the Kardashians' mystery cosmetic doctor

A celebrity himself, Dr. Simon Ourian caters to many Hollywood stars.

08 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Many benefits of olive oil

Olive oil is generally used for cooking. But, it is a delicious salad dressing as well.

07 Sep 2020

Coffee for skin: Some easy DIY face packs

While coffee is widely used as a beverage, it is also gaining a reputation as an alternative remedy for the skin.

06 Sep 2020

5 myths surrounding weight loss that you shouldn't believe

Whenever people go on a weight-loss journey, they naturally prefer to see results sooner than scientifically possible.

05 Sep 2020

Food blogger Saloni Panda's journey as a digital creator

Food is the ingredient that binds us together.

05 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: Yoga asanas that can help you with anxiety

With our lifestyles taking a drastic turn, anxiety is on a rise everywhere.

04 Sep 2020

#HealthBytes: 7 different DIY face packs for the week

Since staying at home is the norm of this pandemic, why not make it a little interesting!

03 Sep 2020

Meet Dennis Kenney, international fashion guru

Dennis Kenney is often associated with high quality international fashion.

03 Sep 2020

Want to learn how to play guitar at home?

First things first: Before beginning your journey of learning the guitar, buy the instrument. The three factors to consider while buying it are style (electric/acoustic/classical), player's age and budget.

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