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As Delhi's air pollution levels started improving (reached "moderate" for the first time in two months), it looks like Mumbai is now suffocating in dense smog that has engulfed the city.

It led to a drop in air quality and visibility as temperatures dipped, too. The Air Quality Index (AQI) stood at 305; it falls in the hazardous "severely polluted" level.

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In what appears to be a case of 'love jihad', a former Mumbai-based model has accused her Muslim husband of domestic abuse and of pressurizing her to convert to Islam after their marriage.

Rashmi, who has been married to Asif Shahbazkar for 12 years, has registered a complaint against two people at the Bandra police station.

Investigation is currently underway.

Now, Mumbai has taken the title from Ahmedabad, as the preferred centre for bullion trade in India. With the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax, the octroi has been withdrawn, that dealers had to earlier pay on gold-silver purchases.

In the pre-GST era, there was 2% octroi on silver and 0.1% octroi on gold in Maharashtra; it has now been subsumed in GST.