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The little sparrow told the authorities that "babu" was not working properly and, therefore, he was sacked.

No, we are not talking about birds or writing a cheap novel here, the sparrow in question is 'Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window' aka SPARROW and it will now decide if government bureaucrats are going to be fired or retained.

Intrigued? Here's all about it.

The environment ministry is considering feedback on its new cow slaughter rules that were notified under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

After the Centre banned the trade of cattle for slaughter, it is now considering if buffalos are to be excluded from the new laws.

"We are studying (representations). As of now, no decision has been taken," a ministry official said.

According to sources, the government is confident its choice of candidate for president will have necessary support; backing by the AIADMK and TRS is likely.

Meanwhile, "DMK is going with Congress," said a senior BJP leader.

The NDA has reportedly already garnered 54% of votes in the electoral college.