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An MIT researcher has created a device called Intrepid, which a person can wear on them. If their clothes are being removed forcefully, it will send an alert to five pre-selected contacts.

Manisha Mohan's Intrepid will be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. One needs to download an accompanying app.

It will also record the encounter in real-time, which can help in legal proceedings.

Google wants to know users better to show content they may be interested in even before they search.

With AI-based Assistant dissolved into Google's products, "search" no longer means fetching answers, it means knowing everything about users and their interests.

Google personalized the 'feed' feature on the website and mobile app that looks like Facebook's News Feed minus the updates from friends or family.

At a time when the Indian mobile landscape is fast evolving, the Minister of State for Electronics and IT, PP Chaudhary, highlighted the issues faced by users due to dual-SIM 4G smartphones.

He said 4G dual-SIM phones have Internet speed-related issues, according to the details provided by TRAI.

He added smartphone makers had been asked to improve technology to address the degrading data speed.