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PM Narendra Modi tweeted that he had a "very good interaction" with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, May 29, near Berlin.

Both leaders held informal talks over a private dinner at the German chancellor's official state guest house.

Modi arrived in Germany on Monday, marking the start of his six-day, four-nation tour which will also see him visiting Spain, Russia and France.

US President Donald Trump has condemned the fatal stabbing of two men who were attempting to stop an incident of racial abuse aboard a commuter train in Portland, Oregon.

He took to Twitter days after the incident, calling it "unacceptable." His administration came under criticism for "encouraging" such behaviour.

Several human rights groups had lambasted the administration for failing to contain racial-tensions.

Dr. Molly Maloof isn't your everyday doctor but one that believes that one can only stay healthy by 'optimizing one's health'.

With an exclusive Silicon Valley clientele, Dr. Molly helps people hit peak performance not by pumping supplements but through lifestyle change and diet specifications.

A critique of bio-hackers, Maloof is working towards tailor-making health as per individual needs.