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Catalonia declared independence from Spain in a recently held parliamentary session.

However, Madrid seems to be tightening its grip on Catalonia and has declared its intent to suspend the region's autonomy this week under Article 155 of the constitution.

Raising the stakes on its side, Catalan leaders stated that Spanish "repression" would push them towards implementing the independence declaration.

What's really at stake here?

President Donald Trump finally decides to make condolence-calls to the families of the American soldiers killed in Niger on October 4, and how.

It is no news that Trump is a natural at creating controversies and inviting wrath, but this recent fiasco can cause him greater damage than he could have possibly thought. Here's why.

France might soon have a law to punish men on the spot for street harassment including catcalling.

The government will set up a task force consisting politicians, cops and court officials to determine what constitutes sexual harassment, Gender Equality Minister Marlène Schiappa said.

Citizens' feedback will also be taken on the proposed legislation. MPs will vote on the bill next year.