Bentley reveals Pikes Peak race car; runs on biofuel-based gasoline

Last updated on Apr 19, 2021, 01:11 pm
Bentley reveals Pikes Peak race car; runs on biofuel-based gasoline

Bentley has revealed its Continental GT3 Pikes Peak racing car.

The premium vehicle has been designed to compete at this year's Pikes Peak International Hill Climb for the Time Attack 1 record.

This is the company's first competitive four-wheeler to run on renewable fuel, and aligns with the brand's goal of offering sustainable fuel-based vehicles to its customers.

Here are more details.


Biofuel-based gasoline generates up to 85% less GHG

The new vehicle will make its way through a 20km course running on biofuel-based gasoline.

Several fuel blends are currently being tested, with some of them offering Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions of up to 85% over standard fossil fuel.

This step marks the beginning of a program that shall investigate the potential of biofuels and e-fuels, to power Bentley cars in a sustainable way.


The strategy will aid the brand's carbon neutrality

Notably, Bentley's Beyond100 program will aid it in becoming the world's leading sustainable luxury mobility company. The entire model range will become BEV-only by 2030.

The usage of renewable fuel for this project signals the brand's aim to offer renewable fuels to customers in addition to a choice of electrified models.

This strategy will increase the pace of Bentley's progress toward outright carbon neutrality.


Bentley will have less than 10 minutes to break record

In order to break the record, the vehicle will have to climb roughly 5,000ft at an average speed greater than 126km/h, to cross the line in less than 9 minutes and 36 seconds. Rhys Millen will drive the vehicle.

The start line is at 9,300ft and goes up to 14,100ft, where the air is 1/3 less dense as compared to the sea level.


A look at the Continental GT3 Pikes Peak

The racing car sports the brand's biggest ever rear wing and sits above an efficient rear diffuser. The latter surrounds the transaxle gearbox. Meanwhile, on the front, there is a 2-plane splitter, flanked by dive planes.

There are also cooling air scoops, and a stopwatch mounted on the roll cage next to the steering wheel, to keep track of sector times up the mountain.


It uses an engine derived from the Continental GT V8

The Continental GT3 Pikes Peak packs an engine developed from the 4.0-liter turbo V8 mill fitted inside the Continental GT V8.

For the racing car, motor modifications and the usage of carefully selected biofuel will ensure that significant horsepower is generated despite the rarefied conditions. Further, short side-exit exhausts will ensure the car makes dramatic sounds.

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