Spotify is a digital music service through which one can listen to songs and podcasts for free. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, it was founded in 2006, but launched two years later. Currently one can access some over 50 million tracks on this international media services provider. To note, Spotify is a freemium service, which means basic features that come with automatic music videos or ads will not cost one anything. Meanwhile, one can get additional ones - offline listening and commercial-free listening – via paid subscriptions. It can be played on most devices, like Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, and iOS, and Android smartphones and tablets. Established by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, Spotify currently has 286 million subscribers, with 13 million paying for it.

Spotify enables timestamped sharing for podcasts, Snapchat integration for Canvas

11 May 2021

Spotify enables timestamped sharing for podcasts, Snapchat integration for Canvas

On May 10, Spotify announced new features that make it easier to share music and podcasts to other platforms. Users can now share links to podcasts so the recipient can start listening from a defined point.

05 May 2021

Apple Music might get high-fidelity streaming upgrade in coming weeks

Apple Music might get high-fidelity audio support in the vein of quality-focused music streaming services such as TIDAL.

29 Apr 2021

Apple Music introduces new feature with 100 city-focused music charts

It looks like Apple Music is here to take on other major players in the music streaming industry.

18 Apr 2021

How Spotify's Car Thing solves a problem you never had

Last spotted seeking FCC certification, Spotify's latest hardware product dubbed the Car Thing is finally available to consumers in the US.

15 Apr 2021

NewsBytes Briefing: Germany clamps down on WhatsApp, and more

Even as Indian government scrambles to figure out how to prevent Facebook from taking advantage of its citizenry, Germany has leveraged the European Union's solid privacy laws to take WhatsApp to task.

10 Apr 2021

Spotify claims "Hey Spotify" doesn't listen to everything you say

In 2020, music streaming giant Spotify was spotted developing a voice assistant triggered by the wake phrase "Hey Spotify". The feature resembles Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri.

31 Mar 2021

Spotify and LinkedIn gear up to join the Clubhouse party

Spotify and LinkedIn are preparing to jump into the trendy "live audio" space after the invite-only Clubhouse app grabbed the attention of millions of iPhone users.

27 Mar 2021

Spotify desktop and web apps get improved UI, curation tools

Popular music streaming platform Spotify is giving its desktop app a comprehensive UI update. Both Mac and Windows versions of the desktop app will receive the revamped look. The platform-agnostic web app is also receiving a similar cosmetic upgrade.

25 Feb 2021

Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen team up with Spotify for podcast

Spotify has signed up two behemoths in American political and entertainment culture to collaborate on a podcast.

23 Feb 2021

Spotify takes on Tidal with new 'HiFi' lossless audio plan

Popular music streaming service Spotify has announced plans to introduce HiFi audio streaming. It will allow Premium subscribers to listen to CD-quality lossless audio.

23 Feb 2021

NewsBytes Briefing: Facebook shows Australia its merciful side, and more

After successfully getting Google to capitulate and pay for news, Australia learned the hard way that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is made of sterner stuff. Facebook's Aussie news ban also wiped out critical resources involving suicide helplines and COVID-19 information channels.

04 Feb 2021

Country music star Morgan Wallen uses N-word, gets heavily panned

Rising country music star Morgan Wallen has suffered a catastrophic depletion industry-wise after a video broke on news portal TMZ on Tuesday night, showing him using racial slurs.

16 Jan 2021

Spotify 'Car Thing' seeks FCC nod; significant redesign, features revealed

Popular music streaming service Spotify has sought FCC certification for a new Bluetooth-enabled device dubbed Car Thing. Last heard of in 2019, the car companion has received a significant design revamp and no longer resembles the 2019 concept.

02 Jan 2021

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle drop their first Spotify podcast

As promised, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have dropped their first podcast on Spotify.

29 Dec 2020

The best Android apps of 2020

A lot of things did not go well this year, but it was a great time for technology.

28 Dec 2020

Insult track on PM Boris Johnson tops Amazon Music chart

Sensational music takes little to get recognized, but a track full of hatred towards British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has gained the top spot on Amazon Music Chart.

17 Dec 2020

After Netflix, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ink multi-year Spotify deal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are developing a strong base in the content industry to promote humanitarian causes.

01 Dec 2020

Eric Clapton, Van Morrison team up for anti-lockdown song

The coronavirus pandemic has uprooted what lifestyle has stood for, and a huge chunk belongs to the entertainment domain.

06 Oct 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: Google defers 30% commission in India, and more

Last night, Google deferred the enforcement of its Play Store billing policy that requires certain app developers to pay a 30% commission to the tech giant.

16 Sep 2020

Apple One: Will this be a game-changer for Apple?

Last night, Apple made major headlines with its all-new line of Apple Watch and iPads.

20 Aug 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: Apple becomes a $2 trillion company, and more

A lot has happened in the world of technology since last night.

18 Aug 2020

Why are Apple, Google and Epic Games fighting?

Apple, Google, and Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, are engaged in a dramatic row for the last few days.

07 Aug 2020

Chinese giant Tencent loses $35 billion after Trump's ban

A few hours ago, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning certain business transactions with Tencent, the Chinese conglomerate that owns WeChat messaging service.

30 Jul 2020

#TechBytes: How to host 'listening parties' with Spotify's Group Session

Due to the ongoing pandemic and all the social distancing measures in place, it is no longer possible (and safe) to hang out with friends and groove on each others' favorite music.

29 Jul 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: Big Tech goes on trial today, and more

In the updates since last evening, the Big Tech CEOs, who are set to appear for an antitrust Congressional hearing, released their opening statements, reiterating that they are good for America's economy and not a monopolistic force.

23 Jul 2020

NewsBytes Tech Briefing: Apple, Amazon offices raided in Italy

In the tech world, the news cycle was dominated by revenue reports and antitrust investigations.

22 Jul 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: Snap's revenue grows; Moderna's vaccine won't be cheap

The big story in the technology world is: Snap reported its earnings for Q2 2020 with notable gains - 9 million new users and 17% YoY growth in revenue.

20 Jul 2020

#BugAlert: Windows 10 is messing with internet connectivity

Microsoft's Windows 10 has been plagued by a myriad of issues, and now, the Redmond giant has acknowledged another severe bug in the operating system.

15 Jul 2020

NewsBytes Briefing: UK bans Huawei, WhatsApp goes down, and more

In the last few hours, a lot has happened in the world of technology.

12 Jul 2020

#WeeklyRecap: Instagram's Reels, Jio's WhatsApp clone, Google's smart speaker, more

This week, tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Jio made headlines in the world of technology.

10 Jul 2020

A Facebook glitch is crashing popular iOS apps: Details here

If you are running into frequent app crashes on your iPhone, you are probably not alone!

25 Jun 2020

#TechBytes: iOS 14 hidden features you need to know about

Apple's all-new iOS 14 has come as a thought-through OS upgrade, a release packing several interesting and handy capabilities for iPhone users.

22 Jun 2020

WWDC 2020: 5 crucial changes needed in iOS, iPadOS

Apple's 31st Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is set to kick off in a completely unique, online-only format, starting today.

22 Jun 2020

Soon, Spotify could start offering music videos

From offers on yearly subscriptions to the ability to host group sessions, Spotify has been trying a number of features to boost its user base lately.

18 Jun 2020

After Joe Rogan, Kim Kardashian inks podcast deal with Spotify

Kim Kardashian West has entered into an exclusive podcast deal with music streaming and media services giant Spotify.

15 Jun 2020

iOS 14: These new features are coming to your iPhone

In a few days from now, Apple will hold its first online-only Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), bringing together millions of developers from around the world.

14 May 2020

Spotify is offering one-year subscription at Rs. 699: Details here

As 1.3 billion Indians remain under lockdown, looking for entertainment sources to spend quality time with their friends and family, Spotify is coming to the rescue.

12 May 2020

Spotify launches feature for group music sessions: Details here

As the world stays under lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Spotify is working aggressively to help with the entertainment side of things.

07 May 2020

Facebook led to crashing of several popular apps on iOS

A few hours ago, Spotify, Tinder, TikTok, Pinterest, and many other popular apps started crashing on iOS.

16 Apr 2020

What is Houseparty? All about the new face-to-face social network

When you are stuck at home, practising social distancing, it might be a little difficult to deal with all the loneliness.

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