Signal exposes Facebook on Instagram, Facebook bans its ads

05 May 2021

Signal exposes Facebook on Instagram, Facebook bans its ads

In another shocking incident that could tarnish Facebook's brand image, Signal displayed ads on Instagram illustrating how frighteningly intrusive the platform's data collection practices are to the target audience.

03 May 2021

How to find the nearest COVID-19 vaccination center using WhatsApp

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc in India, Facebook-owned messaging giant WhatsApp has stepped up to help. The platform has teamed up with the MyGov Corona Helpdesk Chatbot to offer its services via WhatsApp chat as well.

30 Apr 2021

Telegram promises to implement group video calling feature in May

After introducing one-on-one video calls, WhatsApp's rival messaging platform Telegram recently announced that it would get a group video calling feature in May.

27 Apr 2021

Once again, WhatsApp is reminding users about privacy policy deadline

Despite facing severe global backlash for its unilateral privacy policy change, Facebook-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp decided it's a good idea to remind users of the policy change and the fast-approaching implementation deadline.

27 Apr 2021

NewsBytes Briefing: Here's how deepfakes could end humanity, and more

Unknown perpetrators, using the power of deepfakes, duped Dutch politicians into believing they were video conferencing with Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny's chief of staff.

26 Apr 2021

WhatsApp is testing a new 24-hour limit for disappearing messages

Popular Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has been releasing new features nearly every week as the deadline to enforce its do-or-die privacy policy draws near.

24 Apr 2021

WhatsApp beta testers catch glimpse of new voice message settings

Recently, Facebook-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp rolled out yet another feature for beta testers that would allow faster playback of voice messages.

15 Apr 2021

NewsBytes Briefing: Germany clamps down on WhatsApp, and more

Even as Indian government scrambles to figure out how to prevent Facebook from taking advantage of its citizenry, Germany has leveraged the European Union's solid privacy laws to take WhatsApp to task.

15 Apr 2021

New WhatsApp privacy policy could face intervention from German regulators

The Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, Johannes Casper, has opened proceedings to stop WhatsApp from implementing a controversial privacy policy that allows it to share user data with Facebook.

13 Apr 2021

#BugAlert: Here's how anyone can suspend your WhatsApp account

If you have been receiving multiple two-factor authentication (2FA) requests for your WhatsApp account, it is likely that someone is attempting to shut your account down.

08 Apr 2021

#MalwareAlert: Fake Netflix-like app spreads malware via WhatsApp

Check Point Research (CPR) discovered a new malware on the Google Play Store that was disguised as "FlixOnline."

07 Apr 2021

WhatsApp may soon allow data transfer between Android and iOS

WhatsApp users might soon be able to transfer their data on the instant-messaging platform between iOS and Android platforms, reveals WABetaInfo in a new report.

07 Apr 2021

NewsBytes Briefing: Mark Zuckerberg gives off mixed Signals, and more

People are best judged by their actions and not their words, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a resplendent example.

16 Mar 2021

NewsBytes Briefing: WhatsApp pays for privacy debacle, and more

People generally give up their rights and liberties for a bit of convenience, but even that has a limit. Facebook has learned that the hard way by antagonizing the masses with WhatsApp's ham-handed privacy policy diktats.

16 Mar 2021

PhonePe emerges as India's leading UPI app

Walmart-owned UPI app PhonePe processed 975.53 million transactions amounting to Rs. 1,89,517 crore in February alone. This makes it the country's most popular UPI app, with Google Pay coming in at second place, and Paytm a distant third.

11 Mar 2021

NewsBytes Briefing: Hackers expose massive surveillance oversight, and more

Hackers broke into the secure networks of Verkada Inc., which provides video surveillance and facial recognition solutions to Tesla, Cloudflare, and several government organizations. By "broke in," we mean it used the publicly exposed master password to simply log into their network.

05 Mar 2021

WhatsApp releases voice and video calling feature for desktop client

WhatsApp has released the long-awaited voice and video calling feature for the app's desktop version. The feature doesn't yet support group calls, but it is optimized to work in both portrait and landscape orientations.

04 Mar 2021

NewsBytes Briefing: WhatsApp gets desktop voice calling, and more

Nothing drives innovation more than your consumer base waking up and saying no to the abuse. At least, that seems to be why Facebook has been adding new and shiny features at an impressive rate.

04 Mar 2021

NewsBytes Briefing: Twitter brings Clubhouse to the masses, and more

Even as Clubhouse tries to be a hipster and keep Android users from experiencing its new take on social media, Twitter has cloned the experience for them with Spaces.

03 Mar 2021

Leaked screenshots suggest WhatsApp might roll out self-destructing images

In an upcoming update, Facebook-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp could add a feature which automatically destroys images once viewed, or after a predefined time. The new feature will add to disappearing messages introduced in November 2020.

20 Feb 2021

Sandes messaging app is the government's alternative to WhatsApp

The Indian government's National Informatics Centre (NIC) has developed an instant messaging app called Sandes, which translates into "message" in Hindi. The application was intended for use by government officials but it allows individuals to sign up as well.

20 Feb 2021

WhatsApp will implement updated policy despite global outrage

WhatsApp has reiterated that it will implement its privacy policy despite user backlash and government scrutiny. WhatsApp recently published a blog post reminding its dwindling user base that the privacy policy will come into effect on May 15.

15 Feb 2021

Supreme Court slaps Facebook, WhatsApp with notice over privacy policy

The Supreme Court of India has issued a notice to Facebook and WhatsApp over the ongoing privacy policy concerns. The move comes after the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) had issued a notice to the social media giant on the issue.

01 Feb 2021

NewsBytes Briefing: Musk's army of gamer cyborg monkeys, and more

There is never a dull moment with Elon Musk. At a recent Clubhouse interaction, the world's richest man revealed that his Neuralink start-up has monkeys with brain implants that allow them to play video games with one another.

31 Jan 2021

WFH special: Tips to reduce fatigue from excessive screen time

Excessive use of your phone and/or laptop in these times of WFH leads to a number of discomforts, like migraine, eye pain, and muscle fatigue, among others.

28 Jan 2021

NewsBytes Briefing: Reddit makes Wall Street bleed billions, and more

What began as a price war between Reddit's army of trading enthusiasts and the Wall Street billionaires over the GameStop stock, saw the hedge funds lose more than $10 billion.

28 Jan 2021

Telegram lures away WhatsApp users with new chat migration tool

Telegram is trying its best to capture users moving away from WhatsApp. Its latest effort involves a tool letting users import chats from WhatsApp, among other messaging services.

28 Jan 2021

Wall Street short-sellers lose $5 billion to Redditors over GameStop

Short-selling video game retailer GameStop's stock has cost investors and hedge funds $5 billion in losses (once you apply some fancy financial calculations) in 2021.

25 Jan 2021

WhatsApp isn't mandatory, users can opt out: Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court (HC) remarked that accepting WhatsApp's updated privacy policy isn't mandatory, and users have the choice of using a competing app if they don't like its Terms of Service (ToS).

25 Jan 2021

Arnab Goswami gave me $12,000, Rs. 40L: Former BARC CEO

Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami paid former Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) CEO Partho Dasgupta $12,000 and Rs. 40 lakh over three years for favorable TRPs (Television Rating Points), according to a supplementary charge sheet filed in the TRP scam case.

25 Jan 2021

PM Modi leaked Balakot airstrikes information to Arnab: Rahul Gandhi

Upping his attack against the Centre over leaked WhatsApp chats of Arnab Goswami, Congress's former President Rahul Gandhi on Monday claimed that it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who provided information about Balakot airstrikes to the journalist.

24 Jan 2021

Signal beta update adds new features targeted at ex-WhatsAppers

Signal's latest beta (5.3.1) release contains features designed to give the former WhatsApp users a reassuringly familiar experience.

22 Jan 2021

IT Parliamentary panel discusses WhatsApp privacy policy, Trump ban

The standing committee of the Parliament on Information Technology grilled officials of Facebook and Twitter at a meeting on Thursday over their views on the prevention of misuse of online platforms.

21 Jan 2021

WhatsApp responds to Indian government's letter regarding privacy policy update

On Tuesday, the Indian government's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) sent a strongly worded letter to WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart, asking him to withdraw the recent update to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for Indian users.

19 Jan 2021

India demands WhatsApp to withdraw new privacy policy

The Indian government has demanded WhatsApp to withdraw its updated privacy policy. It has deemed the messaging service's unilateral changes to be unfair and unacceptable while issuing the ultimatum.

19 Jan 2021

Only 18 percent of surveyed Indians might continue using WhatsApp

In a recent survey conducted by social media platform LocalCircles, it was found that only 18 out of every 100 Indian users surveyed were willing to accept WhatsApp's updated policies and continue using the platform.

18 Jan 2021

Hike messaging service shuts down, leaves app stores

Indian messaging app Hike StickerChat has been shut down. The platform officially closed down today following a Twitter announcement by founder and CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal on January 6.

18 Jan 2021

Signal users report encryption errors; Company claims chat security unaffected

Signal, the privacy-centric messaging service, spent long hours battling a global outage last weekend. The disruption is reported to have been caused by a high influx of new users.

18 Jan 2021

Soon, Reliance may let you order groceries from WhatsApp

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Retail Ltd. is reportedly working toward embedding JioMart into WhatsApp within the next six months. The move will allow 400-million Indian WhatsApp users to address their grocery needs from neighboring outlets through Ambani's hyperlocal e-commerce platform.

16 Jan 2021

WhatsApp capitulates: Won't implement controversial privacy policy for 3 months

With WhatsApp's clarifications being received with skepticism, the chat app has pushed the deadline for accepting its new Terms of Service (ToS) forward by three months.

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