Mukesh Khanna is perfectly alright, 'Shaktimaan' himself quashes death rumors

Last updated on May 12, 2021, 07:44 pm
Mukesh Khanna is perfectly alright, 'Shaktimaan' himself quashes death rumors
After Lucky Ali, Mukesh Khanna falls prey to death rumors

Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna took to his social media handles to quash rumors of his death circulating online. The 62-year-old uploaded videos yesterday to announce that he was healthy and "perfectly alright." The Bhishma Pitamah actor also criticized those spinning the rumor mill. To recall, noted singer Lucky Ali and Damini actress Meenakshi Seshadri also fell prey to their death rumors recently.


He came down heavily at those who started these rumors

Greeting his fans in the video, Khanna said he was fit, and is making the video to quell the rumors floating around his name. He also condemned those who started these false pieces of news, and termed it "the problem with social media." "I feel WhatsApp will close down if such news does not emanate from it," Khanna said, while talking to TOI.

Instagram Post

'Receiving a lot of calls from worried friends, family'


'Mahabharat' actor opined rumor-mongers should be beaten up

"I have been getting many calls, so I thought I should clear the air personally," the Shaktimaan star added in the clip. The caption to the Instagram video said that rumor-mongers are worthless and should be beaten up. Speaking to TOI, the veteran actor added that he was "fed up" with people who engage in spreading rumors that eventually cause "fear, chaos, and anxiety."


Raju Srivastava had also called to check up on him

The Yug actor pointed out that such false news caused "stress on not just me but my family as well" and called it "terrible." Highlighting the reach of these rumors, Khanna recalled that nearly all his friends and relatives had called to check on him. This list included comedian-actor Raju Srivastava. "He said such a thing has happened to him too," Khanna shared.

Other instances

COVID-19 has taken many lives, making rumors more dangerous

At a moment when countless people are losing their loved ones, such rumors can be devastating. Earlier this month, fake news about the passing away of Meenakshi Seshadri also spread dangerously. The former actress had to post a picture to prove that she hadn't contracted COVID-19 and is very much alive. Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar also had to deal with such hoaxes multiple times.

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