'And Tomorrow the Entire World' review: Breathlessly-paced German drama

Last updated on May 09, 2021, 10:22 pm
'And Tomorrow the Entire World' review: Breathlessly-paced German drama
German drama 'And Tomorrow the Entire World' is beautifully paced

German-French political drama film And Tomorrow the Entire World (In German: Und morgen die ganze Welt) recently got released on Netflix. The film is directed by Julia von Heinz and shows the struggle and angst of Generation Z against a regional neo-Nazi right-wing group. The film received a lot of financial support from various European film boards (mainly German). Here's our in-depth review.


Life in an Antifa (German anti-fascist movement) commune

Mala Emde, known for portraying Anne Frank in a 2015 film, plays a 20-year-old student named Luisa, who is angry and frustrated with the rise of right-wingers in Germany. She breaks away from her well-to-do family and joins Antifa, a German anti-fascist movement. After some initial bumps, she happily settles in the commune with her best friend from school, Batte, played by Luisa-Celine Gaffron.


The romance maybe dull but the storyline remains strong

The Antifa commune is shepherded by the magnetic Alfa, played by Noah Saavedra. He is aggressive in his approach against the neo-Nazi, right-wing hate groups. Luisa finds herself attracted to Alfa but also seems a bit confused with her feelings. Some viewers may find their romance dull and a little cliche but it definitely does not take you away from the core storyline.

Popular song

'Bella Ciao' song referenced in a German film

The song Bella Ciao, which has been made famous in recent times by Netflix's Money Heist is also briefly referenced in the film. The song started off as a protest song by Italian farmers during the late 19th century. Around the mid-1940s, it became the de-facto anthem of the anti-fascist resistance movement in Italy. The song's theme fits perfectly with the film's vibe.


Immersive, textured with great performances; gets a good 4/5

The director of the film, Heinz, was actually part of Antifa in her younger years, and the movie is inspired by a biography written about her life. The right-wing party called Liste 14 in the film is a callback to a real-world party called Alternative for Germany. And Tomorrow the Entire World is immersive, textured with great performances by the young cast. Rating: 4/5

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