Mother's Day: Let's all imbibe these changes to help her

Last updated on May 09, 2021, 02:31 pm
Mother's Day: Let's all imbibe these changes to help her
Celebrate Mother's Day by making these changes!

Mothers shower us with love, care, and attention, often sacrificing their own happiness in the process. And, International Mother's Day is an occasion to remind ourselves of their value. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. On Mother's Day 2021, let us acknowledge their effort. Apart from the material gifts, let us adopt changes that can make their lives easier!

Step 1

Stop idolizing: Mothers are human beings as well!

Tagging mothers as great souls who can manage the impossible is sadly an escape route. In 2021, we all should begin with treating mothers as human beings. It must be accepted that mothers are not supposed to do everything on their own and that they can seek help, too. Go up to your mother or mother figure and tell them they have you to rely on!

Step 2

In return: Give them days off from work

All of our jobs come with remuneration and regular holidays, while mothers usually get none. This Mother's Day, pledge to give her that due break. Offer to take care of the household chores on a certain day every week. With the pandemic raging currently, people are cooped up in their houses all the time, elevating the workload at home. Let's divide that, shall we?

Step 3

There's nothing working mothers should be guilty of

Working mothers can have double the workload if they have a regular job, and are also the primary household manager. An added burden on working mothers is the societal shame that stems from choosing to work. A woman should not have to choose between childcare and building a career. Encourage constructive dialogue in your immediate circle on the need to be financially independent.

Step 4

Little things matter, spend some quality time with them

Nowadays we are so engaged with our devices and gadgets that we hardly interact with the people that matter the most. Take a pledge today to visit your mothers regularly, not when you need them, but when they need you. Think of their favorite activities and do them together. Go on a movie date, plan a holiday trip, or simply talk to them openly!

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