'Anniyan' remake: Producer, director Shankar lock horns over copyright claims

Last updated on Apr 17, 2021, 12:40 am
'Anniyan' remake: Producer, director Shankar lock horns over copyright claims

Just a day after celebrated filmmaker Shankar announced that he will be making a Hindi remake of his 2005 Tamil movie Anniyan, the project has hit a roadblock. V Ravichandran, producer of the original film, has raised objection to the remake decision allegedly taken without his consent, saying the call was "illegal" as he owned the story rights. Now, Shankar has rubbished those allegations.


The script and storyline belongs exclusively to me, said Shankar

Ravichandran's notice mentioned that he's "the sole owner of the rights of the storyline," as he had purchased "the entire story rights." Shankar, in his reply, refuted these claims. "Everyone associated with the movie were aware that the script and storyline belongs exclusively to me and, in fact, the movie was released with the tag: Story, Screenplay and Direction by Shankar (sic)," he said.


Ravichandran claimed to have bought rights from 'Anniyan' dialogue writer

So he can "exploit the script" as he pleases, added the Jeans director. Ravichandran, in his notice, said that he bought the Anniyan story rights from late scriptwriter Sujatha Rangarajan, who had written its dialogues. Claiming he has "necessary records" as proof, the producer said, "Any adaptation or remaking or copying the main plot of the said movie, without my permission, is totally illegal."

His side

Shankar clarified the writer 'wasn't involved with script, screenplay, characterization'

Commenting on the mentioned transaction, Shankar said, "[Rangarajan] was not involved in the script, screenplay or characterization in any manner, and there is no scope beyond his engagement as a dialogue writer." Directly addressing Ravichandran, Shankar sternly said, "In the absence of any assignment in writing from me, there can be no basis whatsoever to even assert that the 'storyline' vests with you."


Shankar: The claims are an attempt to jeopardize my projects

The producer added that he had "advised" Shankar to "immediately stop proceeding any further" on the remake, warning a legal notice was to be issued soon. Shankar called the "avaricious and illegal" claims an attempt at jeopardizing his future projects. Tracing back, Shankar has roped in Ranveer Singh to lead the Hindi version. Also, Dr. Jayantilal Gada of Pen Studios will be the producer.

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