#ComicBytes: The deadliest assassins of DC, ranked

Last updated on Oct 13, 2020, 01:21 am
#ComicBytes: The deadliest assassins of DC, ranked

The action genre revolves around assassins, whether it is a book or movie. DC Universe is no different in that sense. These specialized individuals who are trained to kill usually have common reasons to take someone out. It is either money or motive (which can be good or bad). DC has an arsenal of lethal assassins, and here's our pick of the best ones.


Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke is the king of assassins

A former US military operative, Slade Wilson receives metahuman abilities after a surgery. Instead of continuing as a soldier, Wilson becomes a deadly mercenary called Deathstroke. As an assassin, Deathstroke is usually after superheroes but occasionally does fight for the greater good. The combination of his combat training, his superhuman powers, and many weapons (including his Promethium sword) makes Deathstroke highly dangerous.


The Suicide Squad's marksman Deadshot has an accurate aim

You might remember Deadshot from 2016's Suicide Squad, where Will Smith played the role of Floyd Lawton, an expert marksman and the founding member of Task Force X. This former Batman villain is the ultimate killer-for-hire, who has now achieved the status of an anti-hero because of the squad. Even without superpowers, he has a perfect aim, and is proficient with multiple weapons.


Lobo is the best bounty hunter in the universe

DC's main man Lobo is basically immortal (because he is banned from heaven and hell). He is impossible to kill. Known as the best bounty hunter in the universe, Lobo has superhuman strength, durability, invulnerability, super speed, regenerative powers and super cool space motorcycle called the Spacehog. He has fought for both good guys and the bad, pretty much whoever pays him the most.

al Ghul family

The al Ghuls: Ra's and his daughter Talia are vicious

Ra's al Ghul, the misguided environmentalist who believes that complete destruction leads to better cultures, is the leader of the League of Assassins. Supported by the immortality which Lazarus Pit provides, he is vicious, cunning and extremely dangerous. His daughter Talia is no different. Even with her on-and-off relationship with Batman, she uses her combat and manipulation skills for the bad side.

Lethal family

Cassandra Cain and her parents, Lady Shiva and David Cain

Master of all weapons David Cain is a loyal-to-money assassin, who once mentored Bruce Wayne. David's ex, Lady Shiva is the best martial art expert on the planet. Batman considers her as the best fighter alive. Together they have a daughter, Cassandra who is optimized for physical combat from the day she was born. She even becomes Batgirl for a while.

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