#ComicBytes: Who are the fourth wall breakers of DC?

Last updated on Oct 12, 2020, 12:59 am
#ComicBytes: Who are the fourth wall breakers of DC?

The act of interacting with the audience or having the awareness of being just a creative character is known as breaking the fourth wall. Movies and TV shows use this concept for comic relief, so does the comics universe. While Marvel has a pack of fourth wall breakers with Deadpool leading them, DC also has their fair share of such characters. Let's find out.

Ambush Bug

Ambush Bug is DC's most hilarious fourth wall breaker

Ambush Bug (Irwin Schwab) is a green suit-wearing criminal with teleportation powers, who later becomes a bad superhero. His journey is hilarious because of the constant fourth-wall breaking. He frequently talks to his writers and can actually see his and others' speech bubbles. In the new timeline, Ambush Bug comments on the state of DC Universe as a field reporter for Channel 52.

Animal Man

Animal Man's comic awareness results in an existential crisis

At the end of creator Grant Morrison's Animal Man run, Buddy Baker learns about his comic book identity. When Animal Man travels to Limbo (the world of forgotten characters) to stop villain Psycho-Pirate's plans, he meets Morrison himself. Instead of the usual comedy that follows fourth wall breaking, Morrison and Baker have a poignant conversation, which makes Baker go through an existential crisis.


The Joker occasionally talks to his 'real' fans

The Clown Prince of Crime occasionally breaks the fourth wall. While rambling about his grand plans in Emperor Joker, he reaches out and turns the page for readers. One time, during one of Joker's psychoanalysis, he argues with the psychologist about his fans, and the fact that both of them are fictional. The arc ends with Joker asking the readers if they are real.


Superboy-Prime is like an Internet troll, focused on DC universe

Superboy-Prime is similar to an Internet troll, who is focused on the DC Universe. When he tries to establish himself as the only Superman in DC, he is sent to Earth-Prime, where superheroes exist only in comic books (basically our world). Here he starts reading comic books, talks to the readers, attacks DC headquarters, trolls the characters, and fights his own writers.

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