Articles about The Shield

20 Aug 2019

WWE: Possible new member of The Shield

The Shield remains one of the most destructive stables in WWE's recent history.

06 Aug 2019

WWE: Five most embarrassing on-air production botches

Without a doubt, WWE is the leader in the pro-wrestling market.

07 Jul 2019

WWE: Ranking the top matches of 2019

WWE has taken pro-wrestling to a whole new level and continues to keep getting better with each passing year.

10 Jun 2019

Analyzing superstars who should join Roman Reigns against Shane McMahon

Roman Reigns is 'The Guy' of WWE. He is currently in a highly-rated feud against Shane McMahon.

24 May 2019

WWE: Here are some unique records held by Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is one of the most celebrated superstars in WWE.

12 Mar 2019

Five feuds for Dean Ambrose if he stays with WWE

Former world champion Dean Ambrose has not yet signed a contract extension with WWE as speculations are high that he might be leaving post WrestleMania 35.