Here's how much 'Radhe' earned from Indian, overseas cinema halls

Last updated on Jun 20, 2021, 06:27 pm
Here's how much 'Radhe' earned from Indian, overseas cinema halls
'Radhe's magic didn't really work, this is how much it earned

Salman Khan took a known risk by releasing his action-thriller Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai amid the second COVID-19 wave on May 13. While the team planned for simultaneous theatrical and DTH/OTT releases, most states went under lockdown and theaters were shut. However, the movie was released in a select few theaters then, and some Maharashtra halls have picked it up now. Let's explore.


It was released in three theaters in Tripura initially

Talking about the initial release first, only Bhai fans in Tripura got to see him in his Radhe avatar in May. According to a report by Bollywood Hungama, the movie was screened in three theaters in the state: two in Agartala and one in Dharmanagar. However, Agartala went into lockdown just days later, leaving only the Dharmanagar cinema hall to run.


Maharashtra halls reopened this month, with two showing 'Radhe'

Batting in only a single theater, Radhe was out of the Dharmanagar hall within a week. Understandably, earnings were negligible. However, earlier this month, the Maharashtra government announced a five-level unlock strategy to ease lockdown restrictions, and some districts were allowed to reopen theaters. While most theaters decided to remain shut, possibly due to the lack of new movies, two cinema halls released Radhe.


As on June 12, total earnings amounted to Rs. 70K

The two halls were a drive-in cinema at Malegaon and an Aurangabad theater. Reportedly, the total earnings of these two theaters in one day were Rs. 6,017.86. Separately, it had pocketed Rs. 63,248 from the three Tripura halls during its initial run. Thus, Radhe's total earnings as on June 12 were Rs. 69,265.86. This figure is likely to marginally increase in the coming days.

Instagram Post

Zee Studios shared images of the drive-in cinema

Depressing turnout

It managed to churn out only Rs. 19cr overseas

Last month, makers released Radhe on over 750 overseas screens, of which 350+ screens were in the UAE. After four days, the film had earned nearly Rs. 13cr, with the Gulf countries contributing the most. Now that its theatrical run is coming to an end, reports suggest it only accumulated a little over Rs. 19cr globally, with Rs. 12cr coming from the Gulf region.


Zee also reportedly suffered Rs. 95cr loss because of 'Radhe'

The reason for the disappointing earning is mani-fold. While the movie did not receive favorable reviews, its release timing definitely ate away at the profit. Moreover, Radhe was widely circulated on pirated sites. Zee Studios has reportedly incurred Rs. 95cr loss due to the entertainer.

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