An interview with the co-founder of Munchilicious Granola

Last updated on Feb 18, 2021, 03:03 pm
An interview with the co-founder of Munchilicious Granola


Took less than 3 years for Munchilicious Granola to click


Purvi is a successful handwriting analyst, business logo consultant


In 2015, the idea of Munchilicious Granola was born


Currently, Munchilicious Granola's products are available in 15 cities

Initially, Purvi-Rohit's venture was made available across Mumbai. They eventually "identified a huge gap in the market for healthy snacks," and planned to expand, thus giving birth to Munchilicious Granola. With time, the business grew and now, their product is available in 15 cities.


Streamlining work across various functions can be quite challenging

Unknown path

Big leap: Turning home-made product into large-scale retail business

FSSC 22000

The brand has been accredited with the FSSC 22000


Product range: Fruit-based granola pack, chocolate variant, nut-filled, desi twist


Healthy snacking is a lifestyle change in the right direction

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