NewsBytes Briefing: New vulnerability affects every internet-connected device, and more

Last updated on May 15, 2021, 05:14 pm
NewsBytes Briefing: New vulnerability affects every internet-connected device, and more
FragAttack vulnerability affects every device that connects to the internet

Security researchers have discovered a new FragAttack vulnerability that isn't restricted to smartphones, but encompasses absolutely every single device bearing Wi-Fi capability. It even compromises the new WPA3 Wi-Fi security protocol. When a vulnerability affects 23 years worth of internet-connected devices, being able to patch them all is next to impossible. The hackers are going to have a field day with this one.

Orbiter, lander, rover

China's Mars mission hits three birds with one rocket

Moving from vulnerability to strength, China, the unofficial global superpower, is working overtime to close the space race gap. While regular countries send orbiter, lander, and rovers in separate missions while learning from past mistakes, China doesn't have that sort of patience. The country's Tianwen-1 Mars mission will launch all three in a single go. There's absolutely no scope for mistakes here.

TikTok accused of using voice actor's voice without consent

One can't speak of China without mentioning its greatest export: TikTok. The bizarre social media platform has stoked controversy after a voice actor accused it of using her voice for its text-to-speech feature without consent. The artiste has filed a lawsuit seeking TikTok to stop immediately and compensate for using her voice so far. Good luck suing the Chinese for intellectual property violations.

Quality copy

Discord might be doing audio chat better than Clubhouse

While we are on the subject of stealing voice, Discord's Clubhouse copy "Stage Channels" is getting a huge boost. The gaming communications platform has introduced a nifty search feature that allows users to easily find interesting live voice discussions. Discord has an edge over Clubhouse in this respect due to the sheer number and quality of hobby and geeky communities it hosts.

Battlegrounds Mobile

Krafton confirms registration for PUBG successor will open from May-18

While everyone who cares about PUBG in India has already found a way to bypass the government ban with VPNs, the game's parent company has floated an Indian subsidiary to launch an India-only version called Battlegrounds Mobile. And now, the company has announced that pre-registrations for the game will begin on May 18. But will the hardcore players prefer this over the original?

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