Articles about Bastille Day

18 Jun 2018

Woman shouting "Allahu Akbar" stabs two in French supermarket

A month after a knife attack in Paris, a woman in a La Seyne-sur-Mer supermarket in southern France injured two people yesterday when she cried "Allahu Akbar" and attacked them with a boxcutter knife.

13 May 2018

Man shouting "Allahu Akbar" kills one, injures four in Paris

One person was killed and four injured on the rue Monsigny in Paris yesterday, when a man stabbed them with a knife shouting "Allahu Akbar."

21 Aug 2017

France: One killed as van rams into bus-stops in Marseille

A van crashed into two bus stops in France's Marseille this morning, killing one and seriously injuring another.

04 Apr 2017

WhatsApp's encryption veils terrorists?

The Government of UK is creating pressure on WhatsApp for access to encrypted communications after the Westminister attack.

10 Feb 2017

Donald Trump
Eiffel Tower to be protected by a glass wall

According to officials, Paris's Eiffel Tower is set to have a 2.5m (8 ft.) wall of reinforced glass built around it for protection against potential terror attacks.

06 Feb 2017

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Louvre Museum attack suspect refuses to talk during interrogation

The suspected attacker shot in the stomach at the Louvre Museum refused to talk to the French police during two rounds of questioning on Sunday.

04 Feb 2017

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The Louvre attacker an Egyptian on tourist visa

French detectives said that the man who thrust a machete assault outside the Louvre in Paris is a 29-year-old Egyptian.

03 Feb 2017

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Louvre evacuated as soldier shoots possible assailant

French security forces have evacuated an area around the Louvre museum in Paris, after a French soldier shot a possible assailant trying to enter the museum.

06 Aug 2016

Thirteen killed, six injured in French city Rouen

A massive fire that broke out in Au Cuba Libre bar in the Rouen city of France claimed the lives of at least 13 and injured six in the early hours of Saturday.