CNN, New York Times teaming up for Rupert Murdoch documentary

09 Mar 2021

CNN, New York Times teaming up for Rupert Murdoch documentary

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who turns 90 this week, will be the subject of a documentary series, which is being produced in collaboration with CNN and The New York Times.

14 Jan 2021

Tom Hanks, JLo, Gaga to light up Joe Biden's inauguration

"Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

10 Jan 2021

HBO viewership dropped massively, thanks to 'GoT' ending, COVID-19

Till May 19, 2019, HBO ruled, but not much after that.

08 Jan 2021

Day after Capitol violence, Trump concedes, talks of 'healing,' 'reconciliation'

After peddling misinformation since November, claiming that Democrats stole the election, and approaching courts, United States President Donald Trump came the closest to conceding on Thursday (local time), a day after the violence at Capitol shamed his country and shocked the globe.

07 Jan 2021

Capitol chaos: Resignations hit White House, Melania Trump's aide quits

As the violence in the United States Capitol on Wednesday went on to become one of the defining moments of the tumultuous tenure of outgoing President Donald Trump, the White House was jolted by a spate of resignations, including that of the chief of staff of First Lady Melania Trump.

06 Jan 2021

'Disease X': Scientist who discovered Ebola warns about deadlier pandemics

A year into the coronavirus pandemic, 86 million people have contracted the virus and over 1.8 million have died from it.

21 Dec 2020

Coronavirus: Myths about the COVID-19 vaccine busted

As vaccines for COVID-19 have started being rolled out in parts of the world, certain myths have been propagated questioning their safety and efficacy.

17 Dec 2020

US angling to secure more of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine

U.S. officials have said that they are actively negotiating for additional purchases of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine after they missed the chance to lock in a contract this summer since it was still unclear how well the shots would work.

08 Nov 2020

Coronavirus: US reports record single-day spike of 128k new cases

As the United States has been more focused on the Presidential elections this past week, the COVID-19 situation has worsened.

08 Nov 2020

President-elect Joe Biden seeks to unite US in victory speech

United States President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris addressed the nation from the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware, after winning the 2020 elections.

07 Nov 2020

US election: Biden to become President, say reports; Trump reacts

Democratic nominee Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States, according to reports.

06 Nov 2020

Trump makes baseless claims, broadcast networks cut away from speech

The first public appearance of US President Donald Trump after the election day was cut short as major television networks broke away from his speech. The reason? The incumbent commander-in-chief was making baseless accusations without providing substantial evidence.

06 Nov 2020

#USAElections2020: White House hopeful Joe Biden moves closer to 270-mark

Democrat Joe Biden is inching closer to the 270-mark, which is the number of electoral votes needed to be sworn in as the President of the United States of America, as tense counting continued in two states, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

03 Nov 2020

It's election day: Voting begins in US, first ballots cast

The race for White House culminated today in the United States with voting beginning in New Hampshire, a Northeastern state. The first ballots were cast in Dixville Notch and Millsfield to choose the next US President between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

22 Oct 2020

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine trial's volunteer dies, testing to continue

A volunteer involved with the trial of coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University has died, Brazil's health authority Anvisa informed on Wednesday.

20 Oct 2020

New Yorker's Jeffrey Toobin allegedly masturbates on Zoom call; suspended

The New Yorker magazine suspended its long-time contributor and chief legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, after he allegedly exposed himself on a Zoom call.

10 Oct 2020

US Elections: Second Presidential debate between Trump, Biden officially canceled

The second Presidential debate between United States President Donald Trump and Democratic White House hopeful Joe Biden has officially been canceled by the Commission on Presidential Debates, after a series of back and forth arguments involving both campaigns.

02 Oct 2020

Moderator of first Presidential debate blames Donald Trump for chaos

Fox News' Chris Wallace, who moderated the first debate between incumbent US President Donald Trump and White House hopeful Joe Biden, has solely blamed the former for the chaos on stage in Ohio.

22 Sep 2020

Getting COVID-19 and flu together increases risk of death: Experts

With the world still scrambling to find a vaccine for coronavirus, experts have warned that the impending flu season could make matters worse.

18 Sep 2020

China: Bacterial disease infects thousands, can leave men infertile

Even as the world reels from the COVID-19 pandemic, instances of other potentially scary outbreaks are lurching at the corner.

25 Aug 2020

HK man gets reinfected by coronavirus: What does it mean

A 33-year-old man in Hong Kong has contracted COVID-19 twice this year in what is said to be the first documented case of reinfection, according to preliminary research.

09 Aug 2020

Russia's COVID-19 vaccine candidate to be registered this week

Russian health officials are set to register a vaccine candidate for the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19, as early as this week.

07 Aug 2020

US reports 2,000+ COVID deaths in one day

Reeling under the coronavirus outbreak, the United States touched another grim benchmark on Thursday as over 2,000 people died in 24 hours, for the first time in three months.

16 Jul 2020

Will use 'all tools' to counter China's SCS claims: US

Terming China's claims over the South China Sea "illegal," the United States on Wednesday announced to support Southeast Asian countries that believe Beijing has violated their sovereignty in the territorially disputed waters.

10 Jul 2020

TikTok mulling substantial changes to distance itself from China

Amid criticism from several quarters, the loudest from the United States and India, short-video platform TikTok is mulling changes in its corporate set up to distance itself from its parent company's Chinese links, reports said on Friday.

07 Jul 2020

After India, US may ban Chinese apps including TikTok

Furious at China for plenty of reasons, the United States is now planning to land a "tech blow" to the Asian country, as it is looking towards banning Chinese social media apps, including the hugely-popular platform TikTok.

06 Jul 2020

Coronavirus: Large-scale Spanish study finds only 5% people developed antibodies

A large-scale study in Spain has found that only 5% of the population has developed antibodies against COVID-19.

04 Jul 2020

Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend tests positive for COVID-19

A former Fox News personality, who is the girlfriend of United States President Donald Trump's eldest son, has tested positive for the coronavirus disease, according to the US media.

19 Jun 2020

Twitter labels Trump's video attacking 'fake news' as fake

Continuing its stringent content moderation practices, Twitter has fact-checked a video tweeted by US President Donald Trump and labeled the same as 'manipulated media'.

14 Jun 2020

US cop fatally shoots Black man during arrest

Even as the United States witnesses widespread demonstrations against the killing of George Floyd, another Black man was fatally shot during an arrest in Atlanta.

13 Jun 2020

Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike assures safe 2020 Olympics

Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike has said next year's Olympics will be safe amid the coronavirus pandemic.

10 Jun 2020

On Missouri woman's suggestion, Merriam-Webster agrees to relook 'racism' definition

As conversations around racism against the Black community have grown after the death of George Floyd in the United States, the Merriam-Webster dictionary has agreed to change the definition of 'racism'.

09 Jun 2020

Satellite imagery of Wuhan suggests coronavirus started spreading in August

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has wreaked havoc all over the globe, may have actually started much earlier than currently thought.

04 Jun 2020

COVID-19 and films: How the pandemic is changing cinema

They say films are a reflection of the society.

01 Jun 2020

As protests continued, Trump was briefly taken to underground bunker

As hundreds of people gathered outside White House on Friday night, to raise their voice against the brutal killing of a black man by a police officer in broad daylight, United States President Donald Trump was briefly taken to an underground bunker, reports said on Monday.

31 May 2020

Trump postpones G7 Summit until September; invites India, Russia, others

United States President Donald Trump said on Saturday that he will be postponing the upcoming Group of Seven (G7) Summit. The US holds the presidency of the G7 this year.

28 May 2020

Overflowing crematoriums and mortuaries: Coronavirus makes last rites painful

While countries, including India, are finding it difficult to keep the number of coronavirus cases low, they are faced with another major problem — cremation of the dead.

08 May 2020

Amid COVID-19, Bollywood could lose Rs. 2,500 crore

Anyone interested in movies wants to know two things: a) When can shoots resume? b) And when do we get to sit in a movie theater again?

04 May 2020

COVID-19: Uber's new tech will ensure drivers wear protective masks

Uber has resumed operations in select Indian cities.

23 Apr 2020

Who will lead North Korea if Kim Jong-un dies?

With recent reports that North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong-un is not keeping well, the question arises: who will succeed him?

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