Meghan Markle allegedly served weed to guests at first wedding

Last updated on Dec 29, 2018, 07:42 pm
Meghan Markle allegedly served weed to guests at first wedding


The Sun accessed mails exchanged between Meghan and a friend


Meghan also helped in rolling drugs into joints, says source

A source told the newspaper that Meghan helped in rolling the drugs into joints and placed filters into each before putting them into the party bags. Meghan and Trevor allegedly bought the drug from a staff member of the Jamaica Inn hotel, in Ocho Rios.


Meghan's father also confirmed drugs were given at the wedding


Marijuana was illegal in Jamaica at time of their wedding

Notably, at the time of the wedding, marijuana was illegal in Jamaica. It has since been reduced to a petty criminal offense, carrying lesser consequences. Meghan split with Trevor in 2013, citing irreconcilable differences. Before their marriage, the duo had been dating from 2004-2011.


Netizens condemn report, say British media taking down Meghan's image

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Here's another angry rant

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