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22 Apr 2019

Emmanuel Macron
He once played Ukraine's President, is now one in real-life

A comedian with no political experience won a landslide victory in Ukraine's presidential election, drawing congratulations from global leaders while dealing a stunning rebuke to his country's political establishment.

11 Apr 2019

Emmanuel Macron
Trick or treat? Brexit delayed until Halloween, October 31

European Union leaders and Britain today agreed to a Brexit extension that will allow the UK to delay its EU departure date until Halloween.

30 Jan 2019

Emmanuel Macron
EU rejects Theresa May's attempt to reopen Brexit talks

European leaders moved quickly yesterday to reject an attempt by Britain's PM Theresa May to re-open talks on the Brexit deal, as British lawmakers voted to demand changes.

14 Dec 2018

Russia News
EU rolls over Russia sanctions over Ukraine turmoil: EU President

EU leaders extended punishing economic sanctions against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine for another six months yesterday, amid heightened tensions between Kiev and Moscow over their Azov Sea clash.

24 Nov 2018

May heads to Brussels as Spain threatens Brexit summit boycott

British Prime Minister Theresa May was headed back to Brussels today to defend the planned Brexit divorce deal even as Spain threatened to boycott an EU summit meant to endorse it.

16 Dec 2017

Brexit: EU-states agree to move talks to second phase

After arriving at a breakthrough Brexit deal recently, EU leaders who met in Brussels have agreed to move the talks on to the second phase.

11 Oct 2017

Catalonia declares independence, puts it on hold

The Catalan Parliament signed a declaration of independence in a session eagerly watched by the whole world.

07 Oct 2017

India-EU summit: Both sides commit to jointly fight terrorism

India and the EU adopted a Joint Statement on Cooperation in Combating Terrorism on Friday during the 14th India-EU summit in New Delhi.

29 May 2017

Donald Trump
Europe should create its own destiny: Merkel after Trump's visit

Referring to her experiences on meeting with US President Trump last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged European nations to take their fate into their own hands.

05 May 2017

Theresa May
EU-UK spat: EU Parliament chief hits back at May's broadside

Antonio Tajani, Head of the European Parliament rejected British PM Theresa May's claim that the EU was interfering with the June elections in UK.

30 Apr 2017

EU leaders hammer out tough conditions for Brexit

In an unusual act of harmony, the 27 EU leaders who gathered in Brussels took just a few minutes, approved eight pages of negotiating terms and conditions for the Brexit.

29 Apr 2017

EU agrees on Brexit guidelines in Brussels summit

Donald Tusk, the European Council President said that the EU leaders had unanimously accepted to negotiate Brexit guidelines.

31 Mar 2017

EU president Tusk to issue Brexit negotiation guidelines

European Council President Donald Tusk is due to issue draft proposals outlining how the EU plans to negotiate the Brexit with the UK over the next two years.

29 Mar 2017

Theresa May
UK to begin formal Brexit process

Prime Minister Theresa May has signed and sent off an official notice under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to European Council president Donald Tusk, to trigger the formal Brexit process.

14 Mar 2017

Theresa May
Parliament clears way for Brexit bill

The parliament has paved the way for the UK to trigger Article 50 of Lisbon Treaty and begin the Brexit process after passing Brexit bill.

09 Feb 2017

Theresa May
UK House of Commons passes Brexit bill

The House of Commons in the UK passed the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill by 494 votes to 122, allowing Theresa May to trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to start the Brexit process.

21 Oct 2016

Theresa May
UK PM Theresa May to discuss post-Brexit ties with EU

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May would reportedly convey to the EU that it is time to discuss the bloc's future ties with Britain post-Brexit.