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How can someone know your live location?

Asked 2018-04-30 14:38:36 by Narriman Zabar

Answered by NewsBytes

After updating WhatsApp, users can share "live location" with a contact or group by accessing the option under "attachment" section on the chat. Users can choose to show their "live location" to a contact/group allowing them to track their movement/location in real-time for a preset duration of 15 minutes/1 hour/8 hours.

Can someone see my location without my knowledge?

Asked 2018-04-30 13:33:47 by Narriman Zabar

Answered by NewsBytes

People can only track your location on WhatsApp if you share your 'Live Location' with them. Sharing live location with a group enables every member in it to track a user's movement. If you want to stop sharing your location prior to the pre-defined period, then you can use the "Stop Sharing" button.

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