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How to install Google Assistant in colorOS?

Asked 2018-04-13 09:29:48 by Santosh Jadhav

Answered by NewsBytes

Update your Google Play Services and Google App to latest version.

Change your device's language to English (US). [Device Settings>Language & Input>Change it to English (US)]

Clear cache from your Google App data. Set your Google App language to English (US).

Now just tap and hold the Home Button of your device.

How To Enable Google Assistant On Android Marshmallow?

Asked 2018-04-12 20:03:14 by Sebin Sebastian

Answered by NewsBytes

Go to Settings > Google > Tap on the three-dot menu button > "Help & Feedback"

"Help" page > three-dot menu button > "View in Google Play Store" > Now just scroll down and tap on the "I'm in" button in "Become a beta tester" section.

Then, tap on "Join" > It should take a few minutes to join.

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