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Why Tottenham need to win FA Cup more than Manchester United?

Asked 2018-04-20 17:20:22 by Manoj Panchal

Answered by NewsBytes

Tottenham have managed to win only two league cups since 1991. Also, Chelsea is just 5 points behind Tottenham in EPL which could put Tottenham at a risk to make it to the top four in EPL thereby further risking its qualification to the Champions League. So by winning the FA Cup, Tottenham can secure its entry to the Champions League.

What is the difference between Champions League and La Liga?

Asked 2018-04-20 16:02:48 by Vanshika M Panchal

Answered by NewsBytes

La Liga is also known as the Spanish Primera, it is Spain's first division football league. Clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Espanyol play in this division. Champions League, on the other hand, is a group+knockouts competition played by the top football clubs of European Football Leagues.

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