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What is needed to learn for this online course?

Asked 2018-05-24 21:19:46 by Nagesh Reddy

Answered by NewsBytes

Even the beginner's crash course required students to have proficiency in programming basics and Python, so the specialization course definitely expects developers to be competent programmers. To get the most out of this course, Coursera recommend participants to have data engineering or programming experience and are interested in learning how to apply machine learning in practice.

Where is this course present online?

Asked 2018-05-24 21:18:46 by Nagesh Reddy

Answered by NewsBytes

You can find the link to this course here. The specialization module consists of five courses that teach how to create and sanitize datasets and how to write distributed models in TensorFlow. Students learn how to find the right parameters and improve accuracy for better results.