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How take screenshots in JioPhone 2?

Asked 2018-09-10 13:01:11 by tushar ranjansahoo

Answered by NewsBytes

This is a feature phone, therefore, you cannot take a screenshot in JioPhone 2. However, it comes with 4G connectivity and you can also access Whatsapp, Facebook, and Youtube.

When Whatsapp will come to jio phone

Asked 2018-06-30 10:14:16 by Akshay Kakkar

Answered by NewsBytes

Jio phone, which works on KaiOS does not support Whatsapp so the media giant is working to solve this issue by creating KaiOS version of Whatsapp for Jio users. KaiOS is different from other operating systems like Android and iOS and it works mostly on mobiles without a touchscreen. Neither Reliance Jio nor Whatsapp made any official announcement regarding this feature for Jio phones.

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