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How to add an app on Google play?

Asked 2018-07-04 18:25:52 by Shradha Mishra

Answered by NewsBytes

If you want to add/publish your app on Google Play Store, you need to first (1) register your app on Play store. (2)Create your developer account and fill the necessary details. (3)Include simultaneous release in your development plan in the next step. (5) Test your app as per the quality guidelines. (6) Make your app release ready and upload it on alpha or beta channel.

What is the best Optional to choose in upsc CSE Mains?

Asked 2018-07-04 05:07:05 by Laakshani Bhatt

Answered by NewsBytes

There is as such no best subject to choose for UPSC CSE. It differs from person to person according to the interest they have in respective subjects. First, draw a line between science and humanities and choose one of them. Segregate your choices from the 25 subjects given in UPSC CSE notification and decide with which subject you are comfortable the most.

How to nominate a nominee for Google account?

Asked 2018-07-03 17:42:59 by Ramesh Babu Balasubramaniam

Answered by NewsBytes

You can choose a nominee for your Google account by following these steps: (1) Login to your Gmail account, (2) Go to Google account help and type Inactive Account Manager, (3) Select the duration after which you want Google to notify your nominee, (4) Enter the email address and contact number of the person you want as nominee, (5) Make necessary changes and confirm your plan.