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Where can I get online test series for JEE mains and advance?

Asked 2018-08-02 23:06:22 by Prankush Kumar

Answered by NewsBytes

There are numerous websites which will provide the test series to prepare for JEE Mains and Advanced. Some of these websites are AskIITians, Bansal Classes, CareerOrbits, IIT JEE Online. You can register yourself on these websites and explore various study materials.

Can you tell me the best engineering admission website? I found this a relevant website for engineering admission update.

Asked 2018-07-07 14:05:50 by abhinandan singh

Answered by NewsBytes

You can visit other websites also such as, engineering.career360, or

Please share some of the preparation platforms for NEET and AIIMS exams.

Asked 2018-07-07 09:18:45 by Anju Agrawal

Answered by NewsBytes

To prepare for NEET and AIIMS exams, there are various platforms which you can refer. Some of these websites are Byju, Aakash, CareerOrbits, Allens and Altus knowledge. These platforms are most referred by students preparing for medical exams.

Please let me know if there is any free IIT foundation course for class 8th student?

Asked 2018-07-06 23:21:51 by Bharati Joshi

Answered by NewsBytes

There are books available for class 8th to prepare for IIT. Websites like askIITians and IITJEEMaster also provide preparation material. But you have to pay, to avail the services of foundation courses. There are different packages from which you can choose whichever suits you best.

Where are these classes conducted?

Asked 2018-07-06 21:51:43 by Maloth Rahul

Answered by NewsBytes

If you want to prepare for JEE, you can opt for these online courses. Since they are online courses, the classes are conducted online and you can attend it from anywhere if you have any device to access it.

Do you provide online coaching for KVPY?

Asked 2018-07-06 20:20:30 by Radha Mn

Answered by NewsBytes

No, we do not provide online coaching for KVPY. It is offered by various institutes such as Aakash and Resonance. There are other websites which provide you mock test and preparation material for KVPY, eg. MyStudyCart.

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