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What about Roman, Lesnar, CM Punk, Cena, Randy, and Big show?

Asked 2018-07-22 20:06:23 by Rohan Gunjganur

Answered by NewsBytes

Surely all these players are also the champions of WWE. We have only mentioned the top 5 wrestlers as rated by the fans of WWE.

Who is more popular? Stone Cold or The Rock.?

Asked 2018-07-22 14:59:57 by Shivansh Gaur

Answered by NewsBytes

Both the wrestlers have achieved the milestone in their life, therefore, it can not be said that one is popular than the other. It was Stone Cold who took the world of WWE to another level after winning the King of the Ring Tournament in 1996. Th rock helped the company to reach its peak while also gaining popularity for his acting career.

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