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Which app is good for data structures and Algorithms in Java?

Asked on 01-08-2018 by Manojkumar Ju

Answered by NewsBytes

There are many applications through which one can learn Java data structures and algorithms. These apps are (1) Data structure and algorithms, (2) Algorithms: Explained and Animated, (3) Learn Data Structure and Algorithm, (4) Java Samples, (5) Codr- Learn C, C++, Java All in one programming.

Do these apps provide certificates after the completion of the course?

Asked on 31-07-2018 by anushka pal

Answered by NewsBytes

No, these apps do not provide certificates after the completion of the course. These apps are just for the self-practice and learning and they are not affiliated with any educational institution.

How much time it takes to become a master in coding ?

Asked on 31-07-2018 by Aastha Goutam

Answered by NewsBytes

It depends on the practice and retaining skills of the student.

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