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What can I do to stay safe from momo challenge?

Asked 2018-08-08 22:43:52 by RITIKREYAN SAHU

Answered by NewsBytes

To stay safe from the Momo challenge, you must follow these precautionary steps- (1)Do not get influenced under peer pressure to join this game, (2)Do not hang out with those who provoke you to take this challenge, (3)If your friends are getting involved in this game, alert their parents.

Has this game reached Jammu & Kashmir?

Asked 2018-08-08 21:32:50 by Peerzada Rihaan

Answered by NewsBytes

Till now, there is no report about the challenge affecting anyone in India. It is viral on Social Media and people from Jammu and Kashmir who are active on social media may already know about it.

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