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How can I use mini stickers on Gboard?

Asked 2018-08-28 18:57:41 by Anonymous

Answered by NewsBytes

To access Gboard's new feature, open Gboard, tap on the colorful 'G' and select the stickers option (the icon with a square face). Once there, you should find the Mini icon if the feature has gone live on your phone. Tap on the Mini icon, hit 'create', take a selfie, and then wait for Google's AI to work its magic.

What are the features of mini stickers?

Asked 2018-08-28 18:56:52 by Anonymous

Answered by NewsBytes

These Mini stickers offer users the ability to create custom emojis based on their selfies. There are over 100 sticker styles available in either a 'Bold' or a 'Sweet' mode.

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