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Which book to read to prepare for the UPSC exam?

Asked 2018-09-30 07:38:44 by Nagaraju Muthyala

Answered by NewsBytes

The books that you can read to prepare for the IAS exam are (1)NCERT book set from 8th-10th, (2)History of Modern India by Bipin Chandra, (3)Geography of India by Majid Husain, (4) Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh and (5)Manorama Yearbook.

How many optional subjects we can choose in the UPSC exam?

Asked 2018-09-29 19:46:34 by Ashiq Personal

Answered by NewsBytes

You can choose two optional subjects in the upsc exams. there are over 25 optional subjects from which you have to choose 2 according to your field of interest. Some of the optional subjects are agriculture, animal husbandry and veterinary science, anthropology, botany, chemistry, civil engineering, commerce and accountancy, economics, electrical engineering, geography, geology, history, law, management, and 22 government recognized languages of India.

Are the study materials provided by the Unacademy free or paid?

Asked 2018-09-29 16:46:37 by Raghav Chauhan

Answered by NewsBytes

The courses at Unacademy are free as well as paid. You can get access to live sessions, downloadable notes, study material, and learning resources by applying for the course at Rs. 9,000. However, some of these lessons are free to watch at Unacademy, where you'll not be able to download the notes.

How is UPSC Pathshala to prepare for the civil services examination?

Asked 2018-09-29 16:40:19 by Neetu Pareek

Answered by NewsBytes

UPSC Pathshala is one of the UPSC preparation websites. It is considered good enough by most of the candidates to prepare for the civil services examination. It provides online mentorship, video lectures, and mock tests to help you understand the topics clearly and easily.

Is it worth to refer to the lectures by Kalyan Sir?

Asked 2018-09-29 15:15:15 by Kavya Prabakaran

Answered by NewsBytes

It depends on the candidates whether they are satisfied with the way of teaching and content provided by Kalyan Sir on his YouTube channel and on the website. He is considered as one of the best lecturers for UPSC by most of the candidates. You can refer to his study materials to get a good grasp over GK and polity.

How to prepare for the civil services examination?

Asked 2018-09-29 11:54:15 by Rajendra Verma Rajendra Verma

Answered by NewsBytes

You can prepare for the UPSC exam by following these simple steps: (1) Read thoroughly your NCERT books as they will provide the basic details on any topic, (2)Read NewsBytes daily to stay updated on national, international events, (3) Improve your writing speed by attempting as many mocks as possible per day, and (4)Practice your English writing and speaking skills daily.

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