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What is the procedure of becoming a CA after class 12th?

Asked 2018-10-07 09:54:58 by Subhash Rasad

Answered by NewsBytes

After class 12th, you have to apply for CA-CPT, which is like the entrance examination for CA. After you clear this exam, you have to apply again for CA-IPCC, which will be the CA intermediate exam. Post this, you have to complete your training period, which is called CA-Articleship. You'll be eligible for CA Final exam after completing 2 1/2 years of articleship.

What kind of jobs do we get after we become CA?

Asked 2018-10-07 02:03:29 by NITISH POPAWAT

Answered by NewsBytes

After you complete the training of CA, you have to get a membership to the ICAI and only after that, you can work as a CA. If you want to work in other business or occupation, you have to take permission from ICAI to apply there. Other fields where you can work are independent professional practice, banking sector, corporate world, and government/semi-government organization.

Which book is better for CA CPT according to the new syllabus?

Asked 2018-10-06 15:07:38 by Rahul Kumar

Answered by NewsBytes

As per the new syllabus, the study material provided on the official website of ICAI is best among all to study. The other books you can refer to are (1)Mercantile Law by P.P.S.Gogna, (2)General Economics by S.K.Agarwal, (3)Quantitative Aptitude by P.N.Arora, and (4)Fundamentals of Accounting by M.P.Gupta and B.M.Aggarwal.

Is it possible to complete CA IPCC group 1 in one month?

Asked 2018-10-06 01:33:04 by Sonu Saha

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, it is possible to complete CA IPCC Group 1 in one month though, cracking the exam is not guaranteed as the duration is comparatively short for subjects like Taxation and costing. For this, you must study hard and follow your timetable strictly.

I want to give CA Intermediate in May 2019. How can I prepare my subjects till May?

Asked 2018-10-05 23:15:58 by Mansi Goyal

Answered by NewsBytes

To prepare for both groups of CA Intermediate, which consist of eight papers, you must follow these steps: (1)Follow the study material provided on the website of ICAI, (2)Read other books such as Padhuka for Accounting, Rajnish Kumar for Law, ethics, and Communication, Bangar for Taxation, and Surbhi Bansal for Auditing and Assurance, and (3)Make a timetable and follow it strictly daily.

Is there negative marking in CA Foundation exam?

Asked 2018-10-05 20:25:19 by Raghu Ram

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, there will be negative marking in the CA Foundation exam. The exam consists of four papers- objective and subjective. Paper 1&2 are subjective papers, while paper 3&4 are objective papers. Objective papers have negative marking of one-fourth mark. Therefore, it is advised not to tick the answers randomly.

How to score marks in theory subjects?

Asked 2018-10-05 05:51:47 by AKHILESH RAJBHAR

Answered by NewsBytes

The challenging task of scoring good marks in theory subjects can be achieved by following these steps: (1) Underline all the keywords so that the evaluator gets an idea that you're aware of basic concepts, (2)Don't follow "point-wise" pattern in every answer, use paragraph where it is necessary, and (3) Mention the facts, sections (law), or references where it is necessary and underline it.

How can I clear the CA exam?

Asked 2018-10-05 00:59:02 by Pratik Surti

Answered by NewsBytes

You can clear the CA exam by following these simple steps: (1)Study well the syllabus of class 12th for CA CPT, (2)Study for 12 hours a day for minimum 2-3 months, (3)Choose the topics you're weak in first and prepare them thoroughly, (4)Solve previous year question paper as much as possible, and (5)Last but not the least, manage your time smartly.

How to prepare the business law for CA foundation? Also, how to write answers for it?

Asked 2018-10-05 00:19:19 by Dharmik Kabra

Answered by NewsBytes

Business Law is a subjective paper in CA Foundation exam. You can prepare it by following these points: (1)Make short notes on all Acts, like the flash cards, (2)Study thoroughly the important laws of India, (3)Use the study material provided by ICAI, (4)Read thoroughly the provisions and remember the keywords of the provisions. For answer pattern, start by mentioning the section and the Act.

How to retain everything till the CA exam?

Asked 2018-10-05 00:03:58 by Pankaj Gupta

Answered by NewsBytes

To remember and retain everything you've studied till the exam time, you must revise it at the end of each day. Break your subject into various topics and set a weekly goal to cover that topic. During that period, whatever you've studied the whole day, revise it quickly at night. Reading the same matter, again and again, will settle it down permanently in your mind.

What are the main areas to be focused for UPSC?

Asked 2018-10-04 23:25:47 by Mamidi Saiabilash

Answered by NewsBytes

The areas that you should focus more are (1)Current affairs, (2)Indian polity, (3)Indian economics, (4)Environmental ecology, and (5)Social development.

What is the minimum age limit to give the CA exam?

Asked 2018-10-04 22:58:16 by pratyaksha Singh

Answered by NewsBytes

As per the guidelines of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, you can appear for the CA exam class 12th.

I want to give the exam of CA as well as IAS. Which subject should I choose after class 12th?

Asked 2018-10-04 22:56:49 by pratyaksha Singh

Answered by NewsBytes

You can choose any subject in which you've interest after class 12th. It is preferred that if you have commerce stream in graduation, you will get direct entry into CA courses issued by ICAI. Though, for both CA and IAS exam, there is no specific educational qualification required. You should have completed your graduation/post-graduation from central or state recognized universities.

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