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Tell me the name of the most preferred history writer for whose book I can read for UPSC preparation.

Asked 2018-10-10 10:53:55 by lalji dubey

Answered by NewsBytes

You can read the book 'Indian History' by Bipin Chandra as it is the most preferred history preparation book by the candidates of UPSC exam.

Can we take the IAS exam in Kannada?

Asked 2018-10-09 23:07:24 by Prabhu Baragi

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, you can take the IAS exam in Kannada as it is among the 22 government recognized languages of India which are valid in UPSC. The question paper in Prelims will be provided either in English or in Hindi. Further, you'll be allowed to choose your language for the exam in Main.

UPSC preparation books by which publication is considered as the best?

Asked 2018-10-09 11:26:38 by Amit Yadav

Answered by NewsBytes

The publication of preparation books for UPSC differs from subject to subject. Here's the list of books by top publication for each subject: (1)NCERT of class 6th-12th, (2)History by Bipin Chandra, (3)Economics by Ramesh Singh, (4) Geography by Majid Hussain, (5)Manorama yearbook.

Which book should we study for UPSC?

Asked 2018-10-09 08:51:02 by Sachin Mn Jadhav

Answered by NewsBytes

Books you should read to prepare for the UPSC exam are (1)NCERT of class 6th-12th, (2)India Since Independence-Bipin Chandra, (3)Indian Economy-Ramesh Singh, (4)Geography of India-Majid Hussain, (5)Manorama yearbook, (6)Mocks and previous years question paper by Arihant publications and Disha Publications.

How can one prepare for the UPSC exam?

Asked 2018-10-09 07:36:05 by RS Gogoi

Answered by NewsBytes

To prepare for the UPSC exam, you need to follow these steps: (1) Read thoroughly your NCERT books as they will provide the basic details on any topic, (2)Read NewsBytes daily to stay updated on national, international events, (3) Improve your writing speed by attempting as many mocks as possible per day, (4)Stay focused and always practice hard.

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