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After 12th which feild we have to take for becoming ias officer

Asked on 14-10-2018 by salma mulla

Answered by NewsBytes

You can do your graduation in any subject of your choice/interest before taking the UPSC Civil Services exam, ie. the exam necessary to clear, in order to become an IAS officer.

How should a B.Tech student prepare for the IAS exam?

Asked on 14-10-2018 by sai yogananda mandem

Answered by NewsBytes

To prepare for the IAS exam, a B.Tech student can follow these steps: (1) Read thoroughly the NCERT books from class 8th-12th, (2)Read NewsBytes daily to stay updated on national, international events, (3) Improve your writing speed by attempting as many mocks as possible per day, (4)Choose one of your academic subjects as your UPSC optional subject and prepare it thoroughly.

How to prepare geography for UPSC?

Asked on 14-10-2018 by CHANDRAKANT UPADHYAY

Answered by NewsBytes

You can prepare geography for the UPSC exam by following these points: (1) Read NCERT geography books as they will provide you the basic knowledge of various topics,(2) For preparation book, start with Geography- a Comprehensive Study by Mahesh Kumar Barnwal, (3) Prepare a timetable and set small goals which you can achieve daily.