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What are some best YouTube channels for Physics and Biology of class 11th and 12th?

Asked 2018-12-28 20:14:22 by Baban Kumar

Answered by NewsBytes

The YouTube channels you can refer to prepare for class 11th and 12th Physics and Biology are (1) ExamFear Education, (2) Etoos Education, (3) Physics Wallah, (4) Pradeep Sharma. These channels will provide you with detailed information on every topic as well as tips to perform well in the exam.

Is toppr good app for preparation of IIT?

Asked 2018-10-30 09:52:54 by mini ki shaitani youtube channel

Answered by NewsBytes

Toppr is one of the best online platforms to prepare for the IIT-JEE exam. Most of the students preparing for the JEE exam refer to this platform.

I have only 2 months left for JEE mains and I have prepared very less.How should I fix my time table?

Asked 2018-10-29 21:02:22 by Shashank Srivastav

Answered by NewsBytes

Indulge in the Selective study, ie. focus on the most important topics, that are likely to appear in the exam. Practice quality study. Do thorough revision before the exam. Practice mocks and past years' papers regularly.

Is it possible to crack JEE in two months?

Asked 2018-10-29 18:56:05 by TETROX UNIV

Answered by NewsBytes

Yes, it is possible to crack JEE in two months period. But, you'll have work really hard, put in more number of hours, in order to be well-prepared.

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