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Which is the best YouTube channel or app to prepare for NEET 2019?

Asked 2018-12-01 19:52:06 by Farhana Sheikh

Answered by NewsBytes

The best YouTube channels which you can watch to prepare for NEET are (1)NEETprep, (2)Etoos education, (3)Toppr, (4)Biomentors Classes Online, and (5)Merit store. Android apps you can refer for preparation are (1) NEET Preparation Offline 2018, (2) Toppr, (3) NEETprep, (4)AskIITians, and (5) Aakash iTutor.

Which is the best YouTube channel to prepare Class 11th chemistry?

Asked 2018-11-29 21:18:44 by Vineet Tomar

Answered by NewsBytes

The YouTube channels which are best for class 11th chemistry are (1) Byju, (2) Aakash, (3) Pradeep Sharma, (4) Physics Wallah, and (5) Play Chemistry.

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