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When are the written marks of Prelims and Mains disclosed? Is it before the interview or after the interview?

Asked on 03-12-2018 by Akhil sai

Answered by NewsBytes

UPSC only discloses the marks after the interview. Though, if a candidate wants to know his/her marks before the interview part, they can file an RTI. UPSC puts the marks on its official website after the whole examination process is over.

Online sources for csat preparation ?

Asked on 03-12-2018 by Anil Lakhani

Answered by NewsBytes

As CSAT is the bottleneck of your CSE dream, you should prepare it thoroughly. Here is the list of a few online websites through which you can prepare by yourself: (1), (2), (3), (4), and (5)

When is the rank of candidates announced in the IAS examination?

Asked on 02-12-2018 by Kaneez Fatma

Answered by NewsBytes

After the candidates go through the interview session, the merit list of candidates is announced on the official website of UPSC. The ranks are declared as per the marks in that list.

The personality test is based on what facts?

Asked on 02-12-2018 by Adnan Ansari

Answered by NewsBytes

Personality test, which is also the interview part, is the last stage of UPSC CSE. After clearing Prelims and Mains, candidates are selected for the interview session. The test is based on the following points: (1) Your marks in Prelims and Mains, (2) Your social traits, (3) Your interest in current affairs, (4) Mental alertness, and (5) Balance of judgment.

What is the qualification to appear for the UPSC exam?

Asked on 01-12-2018 by anjal anju

Answered by NewsBytes

To appear for the UPSC exam, you must have (1) A Bachelor's degree from center/state recognized university, (2) Candidate must have attained the age of 21 years, (3) Candidates should have appeared or intend to appear for the final examination.

What are the websites to prepare CG PSC?

Asked on 01-12-2018 by Lalita khairwar Khairwar

Answered by NewsBytes

The following are the websites you can refer to for CG PSC preparation: (1), (2) Path Academy, (3) Udaan IAS Academy, and (4) Dcclasses.

What should be the timetable to prepare for UPSC?

Asked on 01-12-2018 by sandeep kumar

Answered by NewsBytes

The timetable to prepare for UPSC depends on how much you have prepared for it already. You can follow this routine to catch up the required syllabus: (1) Prepare a list of topics in which you need in-depth preparation and just revision, (2) Always plan your daily targets and achieve them, and (3) Break you schedule into two hours sessions.

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