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What are some YouTube channels useful to prepare Physics and Biology of class 11th and 12th?

Asked on 28-12-2018 by Baban Kumar

Answered by NewsBytes

The YouTube channels which are useful to prepare for class 11th and 12th Physics and Biology are (1) ExamFear Education, (2) Etoos Education, (3) Physics Wallah, (4) Pradeep Sharma.

How to prepare political science optional for UPSC?

Asked on 05-12-2018 by jyoti rani

Answered by NewsBytes

You can prepare for political science by following these points: (1) Use pictorial mapping idea as it will help you to remember the answer even in the exam time, and (2) Relate theories with good examples.

Can I take the UPSC exam in Marathi?

Asked on 04-12-2018 by Praful Shendre

Answered by NewsBytes

You can only take the UPSC exam either in English or in Hindi. You have to choose Marathi as an optional subject. To prepare for it, here are the books you must read: (1)Manorama yearbook, (2)General Studies by Disha Experts, and (3)Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh. You can prepare for the optional subject by reading these books along with NCERT books till class 12th.

Is it necessary to join classes to prepare for the UPSC exam?

Asked on 04-12-2018 by Aaditi Tiwari

Answered by NewsBytes

No, it is not compulsory to join classes to prepare for the UPSC exam. You can also do self-study. You can prepare for the UPSC exam by self-study by following these simple steps: (1) Go through the UPSC syllabus and segregate the topics, (2) Make a timetable and strictly follow that, (3)Read NewsBytes daily, (4)Read the NCERT book from class 8-10.

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